Watch: After stealing Dosa, a street vendor in Indore creates Flying Dahi Vada

Internet has given everyone an amazing platform to promote their businesses and professions. Social media has such a wide reach that it has helped many people gain recognition, and sometimes even achieve great fame. Everyone is using the internet as a means of marketing, so much so that even small street vendors are profiting from it in their own way. Food bloggers are always on the hunt for unique content and Indian street vendors provide them with enough food for viral content. You’ll see street vendors trying strange combinations of food and some performing high jinks like tossing and tossing their food in the air before serving it to customers.

Do you remember the “flying dosa” that went viral on the internet? A street vendor in Mumbai was seen tossing his dosa in the air before serving it. Today, another street vendor from Indore has invented the “flying dahi vada” based on the same concept. This street food seller showcases his talent by throwing the plate of dahi vada high in the air, catching it and then serving it after sprinkling it with masalas.

Watch the video here:

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As you can see, the seller first places a huge vada on a paper plate, crushes it, covers it with lots of curd, and then throws the plate in the air. When he picks it up, everything is intact – no spills!

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The video was posted on the “Our Collection” Instagram handle and received comments such as “Poor me standing in the corner to get this dahi vada while uncle is busy playing with it” and “The way he uses fingers to dust. He must be a spinner on his school’s cricket team.”

Some users have also questioned the need for such theaters to sell food. One user wrote, “Why is it always flying, dancing, doing super funny speed moves, etc. etc. for a food blog! Millennials and the generation below are usually not so desi, why still drama?”

Do you think such antics make street food more interesting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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