USF men’s basketball: Brian Gregory’s (and Michael Kelly’s) biggest pitch this offseason isn’t on the recruiting trail, it’s toward the fan base

Let’s eliminate that first. Personally, I like Brian Gregory. He has always been nice to me, and the blog over the years. He even stopped at the annual TDS Watch Party in 2019. But, when you lose the highest-rated rookie in recent memory after two horrific seasons and stare down the barrel of another rebuild, questions have to be asked. .

Whatever Brian Gregory does on the recruiting track this offseason is nothing compared to what he and VP of Sports Michael Kelly will have to do with the fanbase to prove he’s the right pick for the season. next.

The daily hustle reported that Gregory and Kelly had essentially agreed to an extension after the 2019 CBI title, but due to the pandemic, the contract was not fulfilled until October 2021.

Talk about your all-time bad beats. You announce the extension after the first post-season title since the 1990s, and everyone thinks it’s a genius idea. You announced the extension after 75% of your team’s transfers due to the extra year/racist comments from an assistant coach, then got mired in the worst shooting season in nearly two decades with the new team and you are considered an idiot.

As unfair as the timing may seem, it is the reality. The Bulls are coming off an 8-23 (3-15 AAC) season where they ranked last out of 358 D1 teams in field goal percentage (37.43%) and three-point percentage (25.27%). ).

USF has dropped 10 or more points 16 times this season. 16. They won by ten points or more exactly twice. They weren’t a fun team to watch most nights, and it’s frankly hard for a fan base that has so often grown accustomed to substandard men’s basketball to expect things to change. during the sixth year under Gregory.

Why should they expect anything else? The Bulls just lost Caleb Murphy to the transfer gate. He was just as electric as advertised for the vast majority of his time at USF. He led the team in points (11.4 PPG) and assists. No other playmaker on the team was able to get the ball up against the press defense, initiate the offense or just get to the hoop at ease quite like Murphy, and now the fans have to hope someone from the transfer portal can do, that—65%?—of what Murphy can do on the pitch?

Whoever Gregory finds on the track and sells them on USF, he’s going to have to sell himself to the fanbase on why he’s the guy to turn USF around…again.

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