Universities have different approaches while encouraging students to vaccinate


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As students consider resuming their college campus life, universities in Missouri and Kansas are taking different approaches to convincing students to get the vaccine.

Northwest Missouri State University is offer scholarships and other incentives to fully immunized students. Prizes include a $ 5,000 purse, parking passes, meal credit and a bookstore gift card.

Northwestern students will begin returning to campus on August 14. The fall semester begins Wednesday August 18.

Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, is offer students similar incentives. The state of Missouri offers free classes, accommodation, meal plans, books, and computers. There are weekly prize giveaways and a big raffle.

Kansas State offered incentives for students to get vaccinated this spring. The University donated computers, smartwatches, massages, and gift cards.

The University of Kansas does not have an incentive plan, but students can easily make an appointment for a vaccination through the Patient Portal.

State law limits the ability of KU and K-State to require vaccines or proof of vaccination.

This is not the case for the small private universities on the Missouri side of the subway which bypass the incentives and instead require COVID-19 vaccines for students before they return to campus in the fall.

William Jewell and Rockhurst University both begin the fall semester in August.

William Jewell confirmed that students and employees should receive the vaccine. As with other vaccines, the college will also accept exemptions for personal or religious beliefs, as well as medical conditions.

Students attending Rockhurst University will be required to complete a online form or request a waiver of exemption. Rockhurst says students will not be required to show a vaccination card as proof of vaccination.

While students are required to be vaccinated at Rockhurst University, faculty and staff are not required to receive the vaccine. The University says it strongly encourages them to get vaccinated. Staff who enroll in a class at school should be immunized, just like all other students.

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