Ukraine-Russia war live updates: Ukrainians say Russian strikes hit building in Kyiv, China denies claims Russia asked for military equipment

“I just need to run to save my life”

His story is familiar to 2.8 million other Ukrainians who were forced to flee following Russia’s brutal invasion, but Slava Soloviovanow safe in the German city of Stuttgart, remains hopeful of being able to return home.

Ms Soloviova, who fled his comfortable life in Kyiv after the shelling beganwas captured in a viral video expressing her bewilderment, shock and grief at the reality of her new life.

Talk to Premier’s Nick Grimmshe said she now feared for those who remained in her country and that her life literally changed overnight after the invasion began.

“I was so scared that I didn’t have much time to think about it,” she said, adding that she tried to pack an emergency bag.

“But then I realized I didn’t have time for that, I just needed to run for my life.”

She says most of her colleagues are gone, but his mother was in Ukraine because she didn’t want to leave.

“We just need help, we’re doing our best, we don’t want to surrender, we don’t want to die either and that’s not the easiest thing to explain,” Ms Soloviova said.

“Two weeks ago I didn’t understand the war so well and I no longer feel like I can expect other people, especially Australians and very distant people, to understand the situation we’re facing. are facing right now in Ukraine. The Russian army only kills civilians, it only bombs civilian property, schools, kindergartens… I absolutely want this to stop and this thing of closing the sky would help, I believe there is no other option, otherwise the whole world would witness the destruction, the slaughter of the whole nation – a whole independent country.

Ms Soloviova said she and others had the right to live in their own country without Russians, and warned if Ukraine wasn’t safe, nowhere was.

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