Try again tomorrow, NHS tells people fighting to book vaccine booster as website is overwhelmed

TThe government’s Covid certification measures that take effect Wednesday are not only an illiberal measure, but “won’t work either,” a senior backbench MP said.

David Davis, the former Brexit secretary who was skeptical of the lockdown measures, told the Today program that the so-called vaccine passports were “the real problem” with the government’s Plan B legislation.

“It’s an illiberal requirement, not something we’ve done historically, requiring people to document their own medical status, but the other thing and far more important in many ways is actually that it won’t work.

“It has been tried in many countries in a number of ways… France since the summer, the German states, Greece, Scotland, Wales, and they all tried to validate that they had done it. and it had an effect and none of it comes up. “

Asked about Mr Davis’ comments on the same program, Sajid Javid, the health secretary, said that all of the plan B measures “will play a role and save us time” in the face of the omicron variant and the expanded recall campaign.

More than 65 Tory MPs are expected to abstain or vote against the government when the rules around Covid, which require either a recent negative lateral flow test or two doses of a vaccine for entry to big events, will be debated tomorrow .

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