Travel back in time with the strategy game Glorious Revenge

Travel through different ages of time with this fun online strategy game. Do you dare to try? Find out more in this blog.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to travel through time armed only with your bare hands, the online strategy game Glorious Revenge might be for you.

Meet glorious revenge, a game that allows you to discover endless forests, clear rivers and stone. You will start the game in a harsh environment, thousands of years in the past, with only food, wood and stone to survive.

However, you can put your communication skills to the test by connecting with others and taking revenge on your enemies to succeed. Plot ? Find out more below.

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Travel through 7 stages of time in Glorious Revenge

Glorious Revenge focuses on prehistoric times, stone age, trader time, mystical time of witchcraft, bronze age, iron age and glorious age.

Let’s find out more about how to dominate through the ages and become stronger and wiser.

1. Prehistory

During prehistoric times, you can easily become the snack of an ancient predator. You will start the game in the middle of a basic setting located 15,000 years ago where you will only have basic resources: a hiding place and a tent.

During this period, you will be able to manage your cavemen and gatherers to send them out into the wild to gather food, wood or stone. Luckily, scouts will let you know about any attack before it happens.

But this does not mean that you are completely safe, because the predator can quickly become prey. Your men in the desert can be attacked by animals or collide with neighboring tribes at any time. Or animals or other tribes will attack or even rob your shelter. What will you do? How are you going to fight back?

2. Stone Age

Once you accumulate a smart strategy for survival, you will reach the New Stone Age, which is around 12,000 years ago. During this era, you will discover more advanced tools and weapons and gain a safer residence.

These new tools will provide you with new facilities like walls, warehouse, and archery. So you will only need a few seeds and animals to produce your own food. As a result, fewer of your men will need to be in the wild, and you can even feed more people to increase the population.

However, be on your guard for the birth of the crime. In particular, watch out for thieves breaking into your warehouse and stealing your resources.

3. Traders

With enough resources and a much denser population, you’ll have your own marketplace, passive stone quarry, old barracks, and more. Even better, you can trade these resources with other players to get a head start on the game.

You can also get new tools and weapons by buying your own or using the right technique to craft them. But it is not that simple; a bad deal can plunge you into poverty.

4. Mystical time of witchcraft

Congratulations! You have successfully avoided all illicit trade and the population of your village is increasing. At this point you can get clay and build a defensive tower and a sorcery house. The result? Your village is now a city.

But beware of witchcraft, which is an integral part of the life of ancient societies. For example, ancient wizards used magic to catch animals, heal, see the future, etc.

Moreover, during this mystical age, you will also have the possibility of acquiring supernatural powers. You might even be able to gain new powers to bolster your army, perform curses, and more. All the while, at this age, this is the first time in human history that you will be riding a horse.

5. The Bronze Age

You cleared obstacles and landed in the Bronze Age, around 3300 BC. Humans can now craft sharp objects and a variety of weapons. Some of the most important improvements are made, such as obtaining a workshop. Therefore, you can design shields, swords and blades to fight the enemy.

Plus, use these new tools to upgrade your army of warriors. But you are not completely safe. Some of your enemies may still rally around and steal your weapons.

6. Iron Age

You have fought the enemy, and you have now landed in the Iron Age – 1200 BC. At this point, you can feel the glorious victory, but don’t lose focus. With all that wealth and power you have accumulated, your opponents are watching you more than ever.

Luckily, your iron tools and weapons are strong and less likely to break during battle. Above all, your enemies fear your weapons and skills. So you can take revenge on those who robbed you in the past. But don’t forget to keep your eyes on the future for the ultimate revenge.

7. Glorious Age

After fighting for so long, you are finally at the glorious age. You are on your way to victory and almost nothing can hold you back. But, like everything else in Glorious Revenge, life isn’t that simple. Are you ready for your final fight?

This final step will rock your world as you battle your ultimate enemies and experience the finish line for yourself.

Overall, if you think glorious revenge sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, visit the website to request a demo. Alternatively, support the Starter campaign to help launch this online game.

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