This 2022 Mercedes G-Wagon Gets Manual Windows and A / C

We bet you were also among the overwhelming majority of people who thought that a G-Wagon was an expensive off-road SUV. Well, here is an alternative.

The Mercedes G-Wagon 2022 base model is about to be launched. Car enthusiasts are already aware of the huge price tag of the G-Wagon. At the same time, they are aware that this is one of the most iconic and desirable SUVs in the world. We have seen him do incredible feats in the past. Plus, most people who buy the G-Wagon don’t do it off-road that often, just because the damage in those scenarios could end up costing a fortune. But the German luxury car brand is addressing all of these issues with this new entry-level model in the 2022 Mercedes G-Wagon lineup. Let us check out the details of this unique SUV in depth.

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Mercedes G-Wagon 2022 Base Model

The images capture the basic characteristics of the bulky SUV. The exteriors are devoid of any bling or flashy element. But they retain the general silhouette of the G-Wagon. The front features the rounded headlights protected behind a safety rod, a sturdy bumper and skid plate, a straight hood with turn signals on the edges, a snorkel for wading, among others. On the sides, one couldn’t help but notice the pronounced wheel arches in black as well as a strip of black material from the grille to the taillights. The tires are high profile for better off-road comfort. The rear houses the spare tire on the trunk lid and the whole shape is square and tall. It’s unmistakably a G-Wagon minus all the bells and whistles.

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Mercedes G-Wagon base model

Inside, things are kept to a minimum. There are no modern screens, buttons, floor mats, luxurious materials, upholstery, comfort or even a radio. Pictures only show pop-up windows, simple plastics, off-road capabilities, and buttons for it. That is just about everything. There isn’t an iota of fancy features here. According to the Facebook post, this could be used by German rescue authorities. This unique G-Wagon will most likely be limited to Europe or more precisely Germany at the start. However, if it gains traction, it could start to be introduced in other international markets as well.

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Mercedes G-Wagon base model

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