The Big Complaint Some Trader Joe Buyers Have About Its Gyro Slices

According to the food blog Buy smart, Trader Joes Gyro Slices are precooked and have a “long unopened refrigerator shelf life”. A fan of Greek cuisine, the reviewer noted that “it’s kind of silly to compare fast cooking and serving home-grown produce to great restaurant food.” The reviewer mentions that many first-time tasters might perceive these gyro slices as lacking in richness and seasoning, although they enjoy those “more subtle” flavors. Slices of beef and lamb sell for $4.69 per 8 ounce package and are seasoned with black pepper, spearmint, oregano and garlic.

Safer Reddit, there’s an entire thread dedicated to the opinion that TJ’s gyro slices are less than stellar. “They are very greasy and taste like hot dog meat to me,” u/oolonggaby posted. Some reviewers noted more positively that the meat didn’t taste “gross”, but simply pointed out that other options were better, with one noting: “It wasn’t horrible, but after trying it I don’t think I would. buy it again. And I love the gyros.” Those looking for authentic flavors might want to take note of another Redditor and hit up their local Greek spot instead. While TJ’s refrigerated find is “convenient,” they said, it “doesn’t compare to a good gyroscope store.”

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