The Absolute Best Ways to Keep Green Onions Fresh

This is arguably the best way to keep scallions fresh, not only because they will last almost forever, but also because it allows them to continue to grow while in storage, creating an endless supply of scallions. . According to The kitchenunder the right conditions, the stems sprout quickly – within a week of being left on the windowsill, their scallions have grown nearly four inches!

Like the first method mentioned, this one also requires placing your green onions in a jar with enough water to cover their roots. But instead of storing them in the refrigerator, the jar should be left on a windowsill, where it will also receive sunlight. With due care, changing the water as it gets dirty and adding more as the sun evaporates it or the onions start to dry out, this method should keep your onions fresh greens for weeks or even months.

You can even transplant your green onions to a pot with soil or to your garden if you want to make sure they last as long as possible. (All recipes says that if left in the jar with water, your green onions will eventually stop growing.) Either way, this storage method is sure to help keep your green onions fresh for some time, getting the most out of your purchase and helping you avoid food waste.

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