The 10 best survival food kits to stock up in 2021



Having a survival food kit tucked away in your apartment, basement, or maybe even your car might come in handy sooner than you think. Whether you’re worrying about a big snowstorm this winter, growing forest fires, or preparing for the end of time, having a good food kit on hand will ensure you don’t go hungry. . Fortunately, dehydrated foods have come a long way over the years. Think vegan Pad Thai with a spicy Sriracha lime sauce, not that astronaut ice cream you had when you were a kid (although you can include astronaut ice cream in your kit). Since food is only part of the equation, here’s what you should pack in a car emergency kit to cover all of your bases in an emergency.

We’ve compiled a list of food kits ranging from no-bake to virtually gourmet, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Some of the big considerations in choosing a food kit are how long you want it to last (how many servings), how many calories you need per day, and the variety of different meals included. But perhaps the most important is the taste. You will not get any energy from a food kit that you cannot stand to eat. If you have some spare time, you can just check out our article on How to Freeze Dry Food Using 4 Easy Methods and make your own personalized food kit.

Valley food storage

Valley Food Storage offers simple, non-GMO meals, no artificial ingredients, while having an impressive 25-year shelf life. Their food kits come in airtight, resealable buckets and range from 175 servings to 4,200 apocalypse-sized servings. Because Valley Food Storage uses real, clean ingredients, you won’t find anything on their labels that you can’t pronounce. They offer soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian options that are sugar and sodium-free. Their 175-serving kit contains 23,600 calories which would last about two weeks if you ate around 2,000 calories per day.

Classic Mountain House Bucket

If you’ve been hiking or camping before, you’re probably familiar with Mountain House. These dehydrated meals are easy to prepare (just add hot water) and come with a 30 year taste guarantee, so you can put them away and feel comfortable knowing they are there in an emergency. The classic bucket has 24 servings (about 6,000 calories), which should be enough to get you through a weekend. They have no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and five different dishes to bring variety to your dining experience. This kit is ideal for short term survival or if you just don’t have time to drop by REI before this weekend’s camping trip.

ReadyWise emergency food supply

ReadyWise Food Kits also come in a resealable bucket and are ready just by adding hot water. They have a 25 year shelf life and are made in the USA. What I love about ReadyWise is the variety of different meals included in their kit. Their emergency foot kit contains 13 different meal types, including cheese lasagna, southwestern beans and rice, and hearty tortilla soup. They also offer buckets of fruits and vegetables to make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your diet.

Nutrient survival

Nutrient Survival is designed to meet the nutritional standards of the United States Armed Forces and provides “Special Ops Quality Nutrition”. Unlike previous kits, Nutrient Survival does not come prepackaged with an assortment of different meals. Instead, they come in large boxes with 10 servings per box. They have a 25 year shelf life, are made in the USA, and are ready in minutes with the addition of water. Better yet, they offer chocolate chip cookies. I mean who doesn’t want a chocolate chip cookie in a disaster scenario?

SOS rations

For the on-the-go survivalist who wants to keep weight and gear to a minimum, check out SOS rations. These calorically dense energy foods and bars require no cooking, no additional water, and in fact have very good taste reviews. Better than you might imagine for a calorically dense food bar. This kit also contains water and a survival guide, both very handy in an emergency. Because this kit offers less variety than some of the others on our list, I’m not sure how great it would be for long term survival, but it would be perfect for a travel bag or car kit.

Harmony House Dehydrated Vegetable Sampler

Beef stroganoff, chicken teriyaki; one thing about food kits is that they are not the most vegetarian friendly. That’s why I included the Harmony House Dehydrated Vegetable Sample. This is a great option for those who don’t eat meat or for those looking to add more vegetables to their diet. They come in resealable zippered pouches, which are perfect for adjusting the serving size to your liking and keeping the rest for later. They are also non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. For just $ 55, this sampler would be ideal to pair with any of the other kits on the list for more variety and nutrients.

MRE – Ready to Eat Meals

If you’ve never had MREs, you should get this pack just to check them out. I first had them when I was in the Boy Scouts when I was a kid. What struck me then was how much you got in each pack. You get a starter, starch, snack and dessert. You also get their accessory pack which includes salt and pepper, instant coffee, a wet towel, red chili flakes, and a toothpick. These meals also cook in a special pouch that heats up when water is added, meaning you can have hot meals on the go without a stove top. The downside of this is more packaging and additional cost. However, they’re worth trying at least once, and they contain the most calories per meal of any kit on the list.

Storage of legacy foods

If you’re looking for the best cost per pound, check out Legacy Food Storage. Like the other kits on our list, they’re made in the USA, have a 25-year shelf life, are non-GMO, and offer options for people with dietary restrictions. They also have a wide variety of meals, perfect for someone buying a longer term kit and they are well rated for taste.

Augason Farms

Augason Farms is another resealable bucket meal kit that delivers a decent amount of calories and protein per day. They have a variety of meal choices and a long shelf life. Where they perform well is on the price, well below some of the other options. That said, you get what you pay for and this kit tastes less than others. College students and others on a budget, this could be the kit for you.

Build yours!

Okay, this isn’t a ready-to-buy food kit, but for those who are serious about preparing for an emergency, putting together your own foot kit will probably be the most satisfying option. Food dehydrators are not that expensive and you can totally customize the options in your kit. Include only the foods you like, the foods that match your dietary needs, and even compose the macros to fit them into your current nutritional plan. Whether you’re packing a car kit or gearing up for the long haul, having your favorite meals on hand will be a great convenience and keep you going longer.

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