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VENICE, Calif., February 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Victor Brock, award-winning bodybuilding trainer and bodybuilding blogger, has produced a new free downloadable step-by-step testosterone injections guide to help testosterone patients who aimlessly purchase testosterone cypionate from online steroid shopping sites. line.

Asked why his site secretsofbodybuilding.org would produce such a guide, he replies, “People are looking for testosterone online without medical advice from a doctor. They have no knowledge of testosterone deficiency, symptoms of low testosterone, prostate cancer, how to perform testosterone injections, intramuscular injections, amounts of testosterone to use, side effects, blood clots, long term use, and most don’t even know if their testosterone levels are low or high.

He adds, “Libido and muscle mass are what they’re looking for, especially for older people.”

While medical prescriptions for TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy have exploded in recent years, the cost of these prescriptions is astronomically high for the average testosterone patient, ranging from $200.00 and above the cost per month.

Victor explains, “Men’s clinics have become more popular than going to your endo or doctor. They make the process much easier. However, the cost of most of these clinics is still higher than a visit to your regular doctor, ranging from US$300.00 to US$500.00 per month.

“That’s why people who aren’t even testosterone patients yet are flocking to steroid selling sites. They’ll save thousands of dollars a year in expenses. But they’re clueless”

Victor explains that he always recommends getting these vitals checked even if you buy testosterone cypionate online.

Its main recommendations are as follows:

– Take blood samples regularly (at least every 3 months)

-Stay hydrated with at least one gallon of water daily

-Keep an eye on your blood pressure

-Be honest when talking with your doctor

Victor also recommends testing products purchased online. “We’ve added a comprehensive step-by-step process on how to test your products at home in the guide. It’s pretty easy – anyone can do it.

The information provided does not represent or replace the advice of a physician. The material is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

The free step by step guide to testosterone injections can be found at- https://www.secretsofbodybuilding.org/testosterone-injections-step-by-step-guide/

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