Students Are Not Getting Enough Cougar Cash


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Although students pay thousands of dollars each semester for a meal plan, the amount of Cougar Cash received is simply not enough.

Living on campus doesn’t come cheap. While some may dispute the dorm fees themselves are relatively more bearable compared to the overall cost of an apartment, the mandatory meal plan for most dorms is the nail in the financial coffin.

The cheapest plan, the Bronze, will cost someone $ 2,209.86 per semester, from the academic year 2020-21. However, such a high price only comes with $ 150 in Cougar Cash, which is too little compared to the overall cost.

Cougar Silver allow students to branch out and dine at restaurants other than the Moody Towers and Cougar Woods Dining Commons, such as those at Student Center South. Students can also use it in markets located on campus, as well as food trucks that visit.

There are some inconsistencies with the Cougar Cash provided by Meal Plan. The next meal plan after Bronze, the Money, allows 24/7 access to the common dining room as opposed to the Bronze 24/5, as well as three meal swaps per week for one. However, the amount of Cougar Csh received with the Money does not change, remaining at a low $ 150.

SSome students have taken it upon themselves to save as much Cougar Cash as possible, spending it only on the necessities or just to have fun every once in a while, like Lemarc Wincher, a freshman in computer science, who has the Silver meal plan.

“I spent $ 30 on Cougar Cash. Even though I’ve been frugal, it goes away pretty quickly, ”said Wincher. “Students should receive over $ 150 for the entire semester. “

While many students with the Silver Meal Plan take advantage of the three meal swaps per week, sometimes that is not enough.

“I’m tired of eating chicken strips and fries at Moody’s,” said Ayris Cole, a freshman petroleum engineering student. “The amount [of Cougar Cash] we get is pretty nonsense. Especially considering the fact that I pay over two thousand dollars per semester.

Students with Gold and Platinum Meal Plans receive significantly more Cougar Cash than lower options, despite having access to unlimited meal swaps. While they deserve it because of the much higher prices, the Silver and Bronze plans still don’t have enough Cougar Cash to last an entire semester.

The best solution to this problem would be to provide inferior meal plans with more Cougar Cash to spend outside of the often repetitive dining options. This is especially useful for those on the Bronze plan, who can’t even access mess rooms on weekends but have to ration lightly.

With as much as students spending on their meal plan, they should be getting over $ 150 in Cougar Cash.

Michael King is a first year history student who can be contacted at [email protected]

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