Sophie Wessex weight loss: Royal’s easy diet ‘had a huge impact’ on her appearance

Edward & Sophie: The Reluctant Royals airs tonight on Channel Five. The documentary has been described as “a portrait of the most modest of royal couples”. What type of diet should the royal couple follow to stay fit and healthy?

Sophie is following a very healthy diet following an almost tragic event in 2003 that severely affected her pregnancy.

When pregnant with her first child, Lady Louise Windsor, the Countess began to hemorrhage.

At the time, Sophie was alone at home and with Prince Edward in Bagshot Park and had to be airlifted to nearby Frimley Park Hospital.

Louise was born a month early, weighing less than five pounds, and went straight to intensive care.

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She also consumes very little alcohol and eats foods high in fiber and protein.

These include smoothies and porridge for breakfast, and chicken, fish, salad and vegetables for lunch or dinner.

Fish, vegetables and fruit make up the Mediterranean diet, which experts say is “one of the healthiest diets” in the world.

Nutrition expert and founder of The Detox Kitchen, Lily Simpson, told the Daily Mail that Sophie eats “a diet of plant-based foods and lean proteins”.

She added that it “had a huge impact on the appearance of the skin, as did staying well hydrated and sleeping well.”

Sophie would also have enjoyed picnics and barbecues during the summer.

In a personal interview, she revealed that her husband, Edward, usually cooks barbecues in the summer.

She told The Start Magazine: “He is very good at barbecues and the kids love it.

“He takes our son fishing, does a lot of horse riding with our daughter, he is very committed as a father.”

Although the Countess’ diet seems extremely healthy, she has been photographed enjoying the occasional sweet treat.

In 2014, she was seen eating biscuits during a visit to Queensgate Foundation Primary School.

On the sport side, Sophie loves horse riding, like many members of the royal family.

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