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Seven Huskers were named winners during the second week of the Volunteer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln COVID-19 Vaccine register reveal.

Offered until August 13, weekly sweepstakes are open to all students (undergraduate, graduate, and seeking a professional degree) and university employees who are vaccinated against COVID-19 and register their status in the online registry. Eight prizes are awarded each week, seven to students and one to faculty / staff.

Of the seven awards announced on July 19, five were new and two carried over from the first week of the contest. These winners, their college / department and their prize are:


  • Vanessa Dominguez, Arts and Sciences (smart watch)
  • Ariel Levi, Arts and Sciences (Nebraska Innovation Studio membership for one year)
  • Finn nebel, Engineering (Husker equipment)
  • Joe pfeiffer, Business (weekly Dairy Store ice cream for two for one year)

Faculty staff

  • Maureen Halpenny, Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (Season tickets for two, Broadway series from the Lied Center for Performing Arts)

Other student prizes have not yet been claimed during the second week of the competition: a semester of monthly 60-minute massages at Campus Recreation; Meal plan of $ 250 with university catering service; and an all-access Campus Recreation package.

Two of the three unclaimed prizes from the July 9 first draw have also been claimed. These winners are:


  • Benjamin Cook, Engineering (monthly 60-minute massage semester at Campus Recreation)
  • Jaden Feeney, Arts and Sciences (weekly Dairy Store ice cream for two)

Nebraska Innovation Studio membership for the first week of designs has yet to be awarded.

Announced on June 23 by Chancellor Ronnie Green, the registry allows all vaccinated undergraduate, graduate and professional students, as well as faculty and staff, to register their status and earn entry for the awards. . Participants also benefit from an exemption from university plans for regular saliva-based programs. COVID-19 tests in the fall.

Participants are eligible for the weekly sweepstakes, as well as the grand prizes – which include (for all students) five awards worth one year of tuition and undergraduate fees ($ 9,872 ) and (for teachers / staff) a trip for two to the Husker football match in Ireland in August 2022.

Overall, the six weekly draws for small prizes (including meal plans, Husker gear, massages, free parking, and Husker ticket packages) will run through August 13. The grand prize draws will take place after August 15th. A full price list is available here.

The winners are notified every Friday afternoon by e-mail to the address provided via the register of voluntary vaccines. Those selected have 72 hours to respond to accept the prize.

The registry allows users to submit a name, NUID number, preferred email address, university affiliation, details on vaccine type and dates received, and download documentation. The registry is open to all fully immunized students, faculty, and staff. All vaccines approved by the World Health Organization and recognized by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department are accepted for registration and raffle. Details are available in the registry.

Details on the availability of vaccination can be found here.

More details on the university’s plans to return to primarily face-to-face teaching, at full capacity, the voluntary vaccine registry, and weekly sweepstakes are available on the university’s website. COVID-19 website.

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