Roll, roll! Permission to snack

There’s no contest that the best snacks around are presented as a precious gift. Small pieces, tightly wrapped, ready to grab and go.

You can use pastry, bread, leafy greens, dough, or rice paper to wrap your gifts. What you choose to put inside is entirely up to you, but generations of cooks from all cultures have left a list of goodies to replicate. Sausage rolls, spring rolls, rice paper rolls, cabbage rolls – each one makes a snack that hits the spot.

That’s because, no matter where they come from, rolled up things are flavor bombs, combining different elements into one great little package.

Make it an occasion and double or even triple your recipe. In this way, you can unfold the joy and give a real gift to grateful friends. Or place your rolls in an uncooked container and freeze them for another day. After all, the gifts you give yourself are the most beautiful of all.

The vego special

Feta cheese, spinach and pine nuts can only add one thing: Middle Eastern heaven. This is a recipe you will want to double, then double again.

Classic snag rolls

Everyone’s mom has a sausage roll recipe to share, and this one comes from Joel Creasey’s mom. She adds chopped salami to enhance the flavor. What does your mom add? See below for some options… there are many more here.

The Kofta Mix

Putting kofta in puff pastry is an act of fusion genius.

The clever quinoa

We could stay indefinitely on the variants of the saus roll, but it’s already done (find it here). However, we couldn’t leave the puff train without adding this nutrient-rich quinoa cart. You are welcome.

The sushi way

Rice wrapped in nori with added treats will always be a welcome treat. You can mix and match sushi to suit your taste buds, making it a great option for feeding a crowd. You will soon master the technique of rolling the bamboo mat.

The hand-rolled version

If the bamboo mat makes you feel like hard work, you can always roll your sushi by hand. It is also the favorite method of Japanese families when they are at home. You have all the toppings and everyone can help themselves.

The Korean Plug

Gimbap is the Korean way of making sushi. It’s the same short-grain sticky rice, but packed with Korean flavors like danmuji (pickled radish) and burdock root. You can also make a chili and kimchi version to really hit your snack for six.

The spring special

Spring rolls are similar to sausage rolls in that every family has their best version. This is a classic Vietnamese fried spring roll that packs an abundance of flavor into its crispy little wrapper.

The lace flaw

Khanh Ong adds a bit of lace to her spring roll wrapper, making it even crispier and very pretty. There is a drill bit involved in making these, but believe us, it will be worth it.

The traditional rolling spring

Pack it with crab, pack it with pork, pack it with shrimp – or pack it with all three. The beauty is getting as much flavor as possible inside a crispy golden roll.


There is something of a Vietnamese rice paper roll fad engulfing our nation right now. There is a good reason for this: they are very tasty rolls. You can easily make your own at home, and most of the ingredients can be found on the shelves of your supermarket.

European stuff

Cabbage roll versions abound throughout Europe and sarma is the Serbian recipe. Marinate your cabbage leaves, then stuff them with a spicy hash mixture before devouring them like a hungry wolf. No exaggeration – they are more than that.

Italian fish

Italy also loves a cabbage roll, usually stuffed with fish and cooked in a rich tomato sauce. Involtini is the kind of dish you’ll make on a Sunday that will become a Sunday thing forever.

Cabbage Surprise

Even cabbage lovers will love this Japanese version of the Eastern European favorite.

The vegetable roll

These eggplant and feta rolls prove that simplicity is often best for rocking your roll.

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