Pumpkin Cream Cheese Creme Brulee at Universal Orlando


Universal Orlando has more and more goodies to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. The expansion of the “Tribute Stores” with their treatment room took more than a few dollars out of my pocket. This year, Universal Orlando has rolled out those same goodies to more places in the parks. My friend Xavier Hamilton of Universal Food Blog often expresses how difficult it is to keep track of in-season treats. Yes, this is a global blogger’s number one problem. However, I would like you to find the best treats during your stay at Universal Orlando Resort. I don’t believe in the myth that vacation calories don’t count, so I want you to enjoy those sweet calories.

today coffee

Exclusive seasonal treats are only offered during Halloween Horror Nights events. I would like to present one to you today. My wife told me that she wanted this treat specifically. It was the pumpkin and cream cheese crème brûlée found at Today Café. I was a man on a mission. My mission has been productive. For my order, I had it take out to bring back to the hotel room.

This item, like many similar items at Universal Orlando, begins to lose cohesion outside of the cooler. I took this item and quickly placed it in the bedroom refrigerator to avoid this problem. I was not there to witness the consumption of this treat. However, it has been described to me.

My partner is a huge fan of almost anything pumpkin. She is #TeamPumpkinSpice and loves Today Café. It had to be a success. It was just that.

This treat costs $ 5.49 before any discounts. I know Crème brûlée is in the title, but a standard disappointment isn’t really a taste of it. Additionally, as mentioned, items will “melt” from their original shape upon heat. You are in Florida so be prepared. This treat can be best enjoyed in the air conditioning of the Today Café. This was not an option in my case since my partner was hiding at the resort hotel with a view to Visit HHN RIP.

today coffee
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Now, several trusted sources, including my spouse, have defined this article as enjoyable.

The gelatin-like outer coating that holds the creation together can be considered viscous. It wasn’t seen as a departure from the overall taste getaway. The coating surrounds the sparkling center scented with pumpkin spice. Some reports compare this middle serving to taste more like pumpkin pie. Overall, this treat is a triumph. Today Café is the perfect place for your sweet tooth. This is no exception.

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