PayPal now requires a verifiable online tracking number



Tue Nov 2, 2021 10:59:37 AM

By: Ina Steiner

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PayPal is revising its seller protection program – it will now require sellers to provide an “online verifiable tracking number”.

The news was incorporated into PayPal’s announcement that it is updating its Terms of Service:

“Revise PayPal’s Seller Protection Program to clarify that proof of shipment and proof of delivery must also include an online verifiable tracking number.”

PayPal currently requires sellers to provide “valid proof of shipment or delivery,” newer “verifiable online”. It’s not clear whether this is a real change in the way PayPal handles complaints – note that it says it “clarifies” the online tracking requirement.

Either way, the challenge for sellers is significant: Carriers only keep online tracking verification for a limited time, while PayPal allows buyers to submit claims for 6 months.

For example, the USPS keeps tracking for 4 months (or 2 years if sellers pay for the required signature).

Sellers now have the option to pay an additional $ 2.10 to continue tracking for 6 months as part of the recent USPS Premium Tracking Service (now called USPS Plus Tracking). But that’s an inconvenient amount of money to pay for medium orders.

The new PayPal policy will take effect on December 10, 2021. Check out the PayPal Policy Updates page and let us know what you think of this and other changes made by PayPal.

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