Overcoming adversity and work ethic land Butte College defensive back in Chadrone State – Chico Enterprise-Record

BUTTE VALLEY – Butte College defensive back Keishaun Creel has been through a course since graduating from Coffee County Central High School in Alabama.

Creel left Alabama for a college in Arizona that closed, was injured during his freshman year at Butte College and after living with a host family during his first seven weeks in Butte County. , he’s spent the last two years living on a couch and playing football during the Roadrunners.

In front of coaches, his former teammate Siaosi Finau and fellow defensive back Zack Macintire on Thursday, Creel announced he would continue his football career with Division II Chadrone State College in Nebraska.

Keishaun Creel (Justin Couchot / Enterprise-Record)

“It really means everything to me. I feel like I’ve worked hard for this my whole life. Creel said. “I’ve been in JUCO for four years, I’ve been in another JUCO, I got injured, I was away, COVID, I was away, and now I can finally move on, so it’s really A blessing.”

Creel had offers from another Division II school in Missouri and an NAIA school in Arizona, but he settled on Chadrone because of its winning culture and the strength and conditioning it offered. He said if playing football doesn’t turn into a career, he hopes to someday be a strength and conditioning coach.

After first attending Mesa Community College after high school and learning after one season the conference the football team played in was collapsing, it was important to land in a stable environment in Creel’s next stage. . When the Mesa program came to an end, Creel said he felt overwhelmed and “a little bit betrayed in a way.”

When recruiting Creel, Chadrone took a great interest in the former Butte College player, not only as a football player, but as a person. He said Chadrone’s coaches liked his patience in the blanket, but questioned himself more as a person.

“This was one of the schools that I feel took longer in the recruiting process to actually get to know me and understand who I am and where I’m from,” Creel said. .

Another note Creel mentioned was that he was “beyond ecstatic” about having a meal plan and not having to worry about meals.

After Mesa closed, Creel contacted NCAA schools at the time and any community colleges he could reach. Butte College defensive back coach Justin Knox and head coach Robby Snelling have made contact.

At Butte, Creel said he loves the culture and the way everyone pushes each other from teammates to coaches. Creel said that during his three years at Butte, his work ethic has grown significantly.

“I feel like what I’ve learned the most is how to bounce back from adversity here and then just my work ethic,” Creel said when asked what he had. learned at Butte College and that he could use as a coach at some point. “I think my work ethic has improved 10 times since I’ve been here and I say I’ve learned all of this from being around the coaches.”

Creel praised the coaching staff for keeping an eye on the players in terms of ratings, what’s going on at home or on the soccer field. He also said that his teammates were a major influence on him, especially during a stressful recruiting process and in the face of adversity on and off the football field.

“It’s like family,” Creel said.

“I feel like it hit me two days ago or last night because I said goodbye to my teammates and friends here, it was probably the hardest part,” said Creel. “I’m ready to leave Chico, but saying goodbye is going to be the hard part. We’ll be fine and I’ll be more than happy to move on to the next place.

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