Notice: Hungry enough to eat a Norse? Try Preston’s Scandinavia


Even Karen’s appalling photograph couldn’t make the burger unappetizing

In the final exam of Preston Blog food van series, I made my first visit to Scandinavia near UCLan.


There appear to be two groups in Preston, one who raves about the food there and the other much larger who has never heard of it. I encountered a multitude of the latter group on my way from the Morrison parking lot to the take out. Since I was already nearby, I called ahead with my order, programmed Google Maps and left.

Finding the Scrandinavia van which was a 1.5 mile drive away took 90 minutes, although I asked five different people where it was. Google Maps was only telling me it was in Greenbank Street but wouldn’t let me specify the address, and when I switched to the Navmii app, Snoop Dog kept insisting that I had reached my destination, which was a dirty lie, CALVIN.

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I had started to wonder if Scandinavia had some sort of Valhalla and if customers had to die to get there, when I suddenly found it on a street that I had walked at least twice before. He was hidden inside a black garage behind a tall metal fence and could only be identified by a sign on the railings that had previously been obscured by a truck. I couldn’t see the van, just an arrow telling me to pick up food “over here”.

I was so late to pick up my order that the Viking chiefs threw it away, but they kindly offered to do it again for me and bring it to my car, which they did quickly, and I finally got home and unpacked my order.

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I had opted for a Uther Pork and Wild Boar Hot Dog with mustard, ketchup and crispy fried onions for £ 9 including skin-seasoned fries.

Also an Astrid burger; a homemade beef burger topped with pastrami, bacon, salad, pickle and mustard mayo for £ 8.50 with skin-on fries, which I upgraded to be topped with pulled pork and cheese sauce for an extra £ 2 .

Everything looked fantastic. The burger was charred on the outside but pink in the middle which was fine with me but I would advise customers who like their meat well done to specify this when ordering. It was full of flavor and had enough of each topping to taste them all at once. The burger and hot dog were both in what looked like pretzel buns, which are strong enough to cope with mayhem.

Scandinavian burger
Come on, fight me.

The hot dog was next. The professional way to judge the quality of a sausage is to estimate how much it could hurt if you threw it at someone. A Richmond sausage wouldn’t leave a physical injury, but you would carry the sound of wet splashing down your grave, while a local butcher’s sausage could reliably knock off a person’s glasses. A shot of Ye Olde hot dog would have you laughing as long as it’s not yet in the box.

You can cut a limb with a Scandinavian pork and boar sausage. It was built like a school bully and tasted like smoke, meat, and plunder. The fried onions were perfectly crisp and the sensible mustard was sweet enough that it didn’t try to overpower the sausage.

Scandinavian hot dog
Put it down, it’s not a toy

The side portion of crispy, skin-on fries was topped with enough pulled pork and cheese sauce to make a meal on its own, and again the quality of the ingredients was evident. Excellent as it came, but next time I’m going to spice it up and add their Chipotle or Berserker sauce on it for an extra 30p.

Scandinavian loaded fries
Pulled pork fries with cheese or plundered village? You decide

Scandinavia isn’t cheap, in fact the menu goes up to restaurant prices, but it’s worth it. If you try and decide to pick up your order, tell your family that you love them before disappearing into University territory forever. Or take a look at the Scrandinavia Facebook page, which tells you exactly how to find them but isn’t so dramatically Nordic.

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Has a viking ever tried to kill you with his sausage? Let us know in the comments.

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