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The first images of this ridiculously high optical mount made by MDT engineers and called Sky High Scope Base were teased in March this year. At the time, many thought it was an upcoming April Fool’s Day joke. However, the reason for creating this scope mount, which MDT claims is the tallest scope base in the world, is if the height of the scope over the bore is important for long range shooting if you use modern ballistic data collection and calculation tools.


The distance or “height” of your scope to your rifle’s bore is an important factor in calculating your DOPE (data on previous engagements, i.e. how much you need to dial in your scope turret for distance elevation), but, as long as you know the measurement, does it really matter whether it’s high or low?

Traditionally, it was assumed that a shooter wanted the height of the scope on the bore to be as low as possible, which made it easier to calculate your DOPE when stretching your shots from range. However, with modern tools like Kestrel, or even a simple downloadable phone app to help us non-mathematicians calculate this, we wanted to explore the subject a bit more and, in MDT fashion, push this test to the extreme.

MDT manufactures the tallest scope base in the world (2)

When MDT engineers attached the Sky High mount to a rifle and mounted a scope to it, they ended up with a scope height over the bore of 20 inches! They sighted this rig at 100 yards, then tried to engage a target at 520 yards by dialing the scope using Kestrel data. Long story short, the height of the scope on the bore doesn’t matter for engaging the target if you have accurate data to make adjustments to the scope.

MDT Sky High - The tallest scope base in the world (11)

Differences in trajectory of rifles seen at 100 meters with a Standard 2.5″ scope height on bore vs. 20″ HOB of MDT Sky High mount.

To learn more about the challenges and results of this MDT experiment, watch the video below.

I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing – mounting a red dot sight on the base of the Sky High scope and using it in a hip-firing science experiment. Let us know in the comments section what other uses you can think of for the MDT Sky High Scope Base.

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