Local experts speak out on how to keep heart health resolutions going until the New Year


BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – A new year offers a fresh start and many are using the turn of a calendar year to make personal changes, like putting heart health first.

Owner Aaron Lambert of the Whole Health Nutrition Center said any resolution is most successful when the person setting a goal understands why they’re making the effort and recognizes that lifestyle change is a process.

“A lot of people have a plan to get to where they’d like to be, but once they start to feel better, they don’t have a plan in place to stay there,” Lambert said.

Senior Director of Development Amy Skiba of the American Heart Association said these were people taking a phased approach.

“Don’t dive 100% from the start,” Skiba said. “If you don’t make small changes in your lifestyle, whether it’s your eating habits, exercising, moving more, they probably aren’t going to be long-lasting.”

When it comes to implementing healthier eating choices, Skiba said to start by planning and focusing on one meal a day.

“… We find that when you plan your meals, you tend to eat healthier,” she said. “It’s when you are hungry and don’t have the things you need and the healthy items available in your home that you usually make the wrong choice of food. “

Lambert also insisted on considering heart-healthy replacements.

“A lot of times people will have the idea that a diet just takes everything away. They don’t realize I have to put on food,” he said. “So it’s still not eating this. , don’t do that, don’t do that and it’s not sustainable that way. ”

For specific food choices to benefit the heart, visit this website.

Skiba also advises anyone looking to improve their heart health to track or log their salt intake.

The website mentioned above explains how to implement the DASH eating plan into your lifestyle.


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