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BBC receives emergency funding to tackle Russian misinformation about war in Ukraine

The BBC World Service will receive £4.1 million in emergency government funding to help it tackle misinformation about the war in Ukraine.

The broadcaster received money to support its Ukrainian and Russian language services in the face of “increased propaganda from the Russian state”.

Following a request from the BBC, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office will provide the additional funding to cover urgent and unforeseen costs that have arisen due to the conflict.

The DCMS said the funding will help the BBC move staff and operations to safe locations so they can continue reporting on the war.

It will also be used to develop new, more widely accessible content delivered through a range of channels – including TV, radio and digital.

The BBC will also use the money to “fight misinformation” and “help local audiences circumvent Kremlin media restrictions and continue to access BBC journalism”.

BBC Director-General Tim Davie welcomed the money, saying: “I am hugely proud of our coverage and of the bravery and resilience of our colleagues who report this difficult and complex story, day in and day out.

“This additional government funding will allow us to continue to expand our means of reaching audiences in Russia and Ukraine.

“The BBC has seen a strong demand for clear, factual and unbiased journalism to counter misinformation and our teams are working around the clock to bring people the best independent journalism.

“This funding will also help us meet the immediate need to support staff who have been displaced, many of whom continue to work and provide vital expertise to the whole of the BBC as life changes dramatically around them. We pay tribute to their incredible strength and professionalism.”

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