Indiana Football New Years Resolutions for 2022 – Hoosier Huddle

Written by Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

Good year! It is a time when many people and organizations are setting goals for the year ahead. We decided to write the Hoosiers New Years Resolutions after a 2-10 (0-9) season. Feel free to add anything you might have in the comments section below.

1. Be humble – Maybe it’s just me, but the fall of the Hoosiers in 2021 started with nonsense the night before the Outback Bowl when it was disclosed that the bowl patch had been deliberately placed on the Big Ten logo on the IU uniform. The Hoosiers and their fans had every right to be upset by the rule changes that came in mid-season to bring Ohio State into the Big Ten title game. However, it was a proud move for IU and maybe they got their humble slice of pie last season.

In 2022, IU can’t just show up and hope to win the game. They have to prepare to win football matches and that starts as soon as the winter conditioning begins. Towards the end of the season IU linebacker Micah McFadden said something that raised a lot of red flags with me.

He said: “I think the injuries obviously affected this team in a way and I think the guys could have prepared a little harder. I think there could have been a bit more effort throughout our preparation for fall camp to really prepare everyone’s minds for this season and this schedule and the opponents that we have faced.

With McFadden gone to the NFL, IU will have to find a new leader in defense and hopefully the mindset will change as well, as IU cannot afford to take winning games for granted.

2. Be in good health – This is an absolute must for IU. 2021 has been frustrating in large part due to the countless injuries to major contributors on both sides of the ball. The Hoosiers need to use the offseason to recover and find a way to better prevent serious injury without putting everyone in bubble wrap. Injuries happen in a collision sport like soccer, but teams find ways to deal with them. Hoosiers can’t sacrifice physique in training for health, as that also doesn’t work in a sport where IU has to be harder than most.

3. Find an identity in the event of an offense – IU was lost on offense from the start in 2021. Literally two pieces and people were saying ‘oh no’. IU didn’t have an offensive identity last season and it could be argued that after the Maryland game they basically packed him after the first possession. IU solved this problem by firing offensive coordinator Nick Sheridan a few hours after the Bucket Game and hiring Walt Bell.

Bell and Allen know what they want to be on offense. Hoosiers will want to run the ball efficiently and throw to create explosive games. Bell likes to throw off a quick attack and we’ll see if Allen lets him do it the way Bell wants him to.

IU has revamped the offensive skill positions and will now rely on Jack Tuttle or Donaven McCulley to run the show. IU is still on the lookout for a veteran transfer, but nothing has been announced at time of publication. The Hoosiers have added a lot of speed this offseason and should be able to create a real identity on offense.

4. Train in the spring with a spring game – Nobody cares about the spring ball, I understand. However, this season spring training and hosting a spring game are critical to the development of the 2022 Hoosiers. Both McCulley and Tuttle need reps in the new offensive scheme and the young offensive linemen need them. as much work as possible.

While a spring game is nothing more than a public scrum, it’s another chance for players to work in a group and hopefully take a physical test. Still, one of the primary goals of spring practice is to stay healthy.

5. Be more physical on the offensive line – The Hoosier offensive line needs to become more physical on the pitch. There is no good reason why these players played the way they did last season. They weren’t nameless recruits that no one wanted. They are tall, strong, and talented. This talent must be developed and refined so that it can be a functional offensive line. The first step is to be more physical and it starts with practice.

6. Find the passion and joy of 2019 and 2020 – The 2019 and 2020 IU football seasons were fun and you could clearly see the passion and joy IU had playing football on the pitch. The fan base also shared these feelings for the most part. It wasn’t easy in 2021. Yes, losses and injuries had a lot to do with it, but even from the start there seemed to be something wrong. As the season wore on, the passion didn’t exist and it seemed like the team just wanted to run out of time and move on. In 2022, the Hoosiers will have to rediscover the passion that earned them 14 wins in 21 games.

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