I Used Thor’s Workout App For A Month – Here’s What Happened

Centr App Specifications

Cost: The 12-month subscription costs $12 per month/$30 per month on a rolling monthly contract.
Compatibility: Android/iOS
Compatible with smartwatches: Compatible Apple Watch, from series 5

The main draw of the Centr app is undoubtedly the Australian actor behind it. There’s no denying that Chris Hemsworth is in good shape, so knowing that his team of fitness, nutrition and wellness experts were behind Centr is appealing.

But how does Centr compare to the best workout apps on the market? To test it, we downloaded the app and tried out some of the workouts for a month. Is this the right app to help you achieve your fitness goals? Read our Centr review to learn more.

Centr App Review: Pricing

Centr costs $12 per month on a 12-month contract or $30 per month on a rolling contract. This makes it much more expensive than other apps on the market, but the cost includes your access to your personalized fitness, nutrition, and wellness plan.

If you want to try before you buy, Centr offers a seven-day free trial so you can check out some of the workouts before you invest.

Centr App Review: Interface

Before you sign up, the app asks you what your fitness goal is (weight loss, muscle gain, maintenance), your food preferences and how many times you prefer to train per week, along with personal details such as sex, name, height and width.

Once you have filled in your details, you are introduced to your planner. This is where you’ll find each day’s workout, meals, mindset challenges, and blog posts. This part of the app really is, and you can easily scroll through the days, weeks, and months ahead to get an idea of ​​what’s to come. You can also swap out your workouts and meals to suit your schedule – I knew the following week I had a full day of meetings and couldn’t cook, so I could easily change my food to make sure I stuck to my plan.

A screenshot of workouts and nutrition from the Future app

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I chose “weight loss” as the goal and “advanced” as the exercise intensity because I train five to seven times a week. That meant I had six workouts a week, with my rest day workout being a 15-minute full-body stretch. The app also gave me a meal plan for three meals a day, with the option to add a snack if I wanted.

Moving between application elements is very simple. Everything is clear and there are no unnecessary or extra frills. In addition to your fitness and nutrition goals, each day on the planner also comes with a “Tools and Tips Box”. It’s usually a blog post, written by one of the trainers (I loved five hacks to improve your mental performance) and a ‘calm’ item like a meditation to listen to or a sleep visualization . These are easy to follow and find.

Centr App Review: Training Plans

Centr has world-class coaches behind it, and new bonus workouts are released weekly.

On my planner, I have been assigned a workout each day, however, you also have the option to add additional workouts or assign yourself a workout plan. Training plans also tend to come in three different tiers; beginner, intermediate and advanced so all abilities are covered.

Membership in the Centr app gives you access to all the workouts from the different programs. There’s Centr Power, for muscle building, Centr Unleashed; which focuses primarily on body weight, Centr 6; Chris’ “favorite way to train with little equipment”; then a mix of fitness and mindfulness programs such as Centr Align; a program based on Pilates and yoga.

Each workout comes with clear guidelines on what equipment is needed, how long it will take, and the level and trainer, so you’re fully prepared before the workout begins. Every move in the workout is clearly demonstrated and you can watch them all individually before jumping into the full workout. This is ideal for beginners who want to practice some exercises to master the form and feel comfortable.

Once you start training, the trainer makes sure you are warmed up and motivates you throughout. It was the perfect level of motivation and uplifting conversation. As for the equipment needed, a lot of the workouts didn’t require anything. If they needed equipment, most often it was dumbbells (we found the best adjustable dumbbells for home workouts here), a jump rope, (watch the best weighted jump ropes here), or a kettlebell. If I didn’t have the necessary equipment, I simply changed training. It was easy to do on the app.

A screenshot of the Future app workouts

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I go to the gym almost every day, so I found it easy to complete workouts that required harder-to-find equipment, such as medicine balls. If you’re returning to the gym after the pandemic or are new to the gym, there are plenty of workouts on the app to get you started. Alternatively, if you’re someone who prefers to train at home, rest assured there’s something for you.

During the workout, you can increase or decrease the intensity, or choose between coached (with full video) or self-guided (images and clips you can browse at your own pace). There are a number of coaches on the app, and their portraits are used throughout. I found that you were quickly starting to get attached to certain coaches. I liked Ashley Joi’s classes.

In addition to high intensity and sweaty workouts, there are also many restorative workouts such as yoga routines. As someone who spends much of the day sitting at a desk, hunched over a keyboard, I’ve found these workouts very helpful in helping me improve my posture. They also reduced my stress level and gave me a segment of screen-free time.

One of the app’s bugbears was not being able to play my own playlists during class – unlike other workout apps, there’s no option to connect your Spotify or Apple account Music. Of course, the main reason you subscribe to a workout app is for the workout content, but if you need music to motivate you, you might find that a bit boring.

Centr App Review: Smartwatch Apps

The Centr Apple Watch app is handy if you want to view your workout stats from your wrist. Just open the app on your Apple watch, then select workout from your phone app, and it will automatically start a timer on your watch.

The workout then ends automatically on your watch as soon as the workout is finished on the app, so you don’t have to remember yourself. Workout tracking is the only thing you can use on your Apple Watch, unlike apps like Sweatyou can’t see workouts or anything other than your watch’s timer.

Centr App Review: Recipes

Nutrition is an important part of the Centr app; after all, abs (or Thor’s arms) are made in the kitchen, right? I didn’t expect to follow a Thor style plan, however, I was impressed with the app’s meal planner section, which was very clear, with prep time, cooking time, ingredients needed, the method and any nutritional statistics you might want.

There is also an option to increase the number of servings, which then changes the ingredient amounts. You can add these ingredients to a shopping list, to take with you to the supermarket.

While testing, I liked the option to bookmark some of the recipes to refer to at a later date. The Burger salad bowl with honey mustard dressing was simple and delicious.

Centr App Review: Verdict

Overall, I found this app to be really useful for planning my day. I knew my workouts, meals, and wellness rituals ahead of time, which meant I could fit it all into my busy lifestyle.

The main downside is that the app itself can feel overwhelming. I didn’t follow my schedule religiously; I just don’t have time to meditate every day and cooking meals that take 45 minutes in the evening just isn’t doable on some days and if you don’t use the planner I would say there is significantly cheaper workout apps on the market. the Platoon Appfor example, gives you a huge library of workouts, as well as running and cycling workouts.

That said, if you’re looking for a workout app you can use in the gym and at home, as well as a comprehensive nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals, this is definitely the one to consider. It’s for all genders and all fitness levels and will definitely help you get fitter and stronger.

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