Hoppy Holidays: British Columbia’s Craft Breweries Warm Up Winter with Selection of New Seasonal Beers

As the nights get colder and darker, the unique, craft beers produced by craft brewing teams across British Columbia undoubtedly evoke festive flavors. This winter, beer lovers can sip over 50 seasonally-inspired foams available at breweries along the BC Ale Trail that warm up the holiday season in style.

From sour incorporating an abundance of British Columbia fruit, to cask-aged and bottled beers, to inspired recipes that bring out notes of cocoa, orange and mint, there is no shortage of limited editions. choice of seasonal beers revisited.

Usual suspects like stouts, dunkels and porters are well represented, but with festive twists, like the Angry Elf Peppermint Holiday Stout from Port Alberni Dog Mountain Brewing, and the Chocomint Moka Porter from Brasserie du Cochon Noble in Kamloops. There are beers that go outside the box of gift boxes, such as BC Cranberry Sour from 33 acres in Vancouver Creek Brewery – as well as the return of festive favorites like the last entry in the ‘Anno ‘ series from Burnaby Dageraad Brewery, and the 2021 edition of the now annual Winter beer from Kelowna Brewing Company.

So bundle up, get your team together and make yourself comfortable with some great winter beers while supporting the locals. And don’t forget to download the BC Ale Trail app to find and earn points for rewards at participating breweries, drinking establishments, pubs and liquor stores waiting for you at the 200+ locations of BC Ale Trail.

Be sure to check out the blog for the complete list beers inspired by the BC Craft Brewery Festivals, or get into the festive spirit by tasting a selection of 11 different beers from 10 craft breweries below to get started!

Get Sweet on This Sour: BC Cranberry Sour by 33 Acres Brewing Company (5.7% ABV)

A smash hit from 2020, this tangy cran-tastic will be back for another seasonal visit with bottles available in the 33-acre tasting room starting December 17. Brewed with barley, wheat and spelled and fermented with a special mixed culture in a Foeder Oak, this beer has been refermented on BC cranberries to add a delicate berry character and acidity. complex.

33 acre brewery can be found on the Vancouver-Brewery Creek Ale Trail.

Enjoy the fruits of their labor: Fruition 4e Anniversary Ale by Angry Hen Brewing (7.5% ABV | 15 IBU)

Kaslo’s staple, Angry Hen Brewing, celebrates its fourth year in business and greets loyal fans and new customers with a traditional fruit gift. Angry Hen’s brewing team added locally picked raspberries, yellow and purple plums, fox grapes and sea salt to the base of Gose from their 200th beer and conditioned it for four months. to bring this beer to its true fruit.

Angry hen brewing can be found on the Kootenay West Rockies Beer Trail.

Slip into comfy pajamas: Camp Beer Co. flannel pajamas (10% ABV)

Get out of the cold and slip into comfy flannel pajamas via this Wee Heavy Scotch Ale aged in bourbon barrels for 11 months. This warm-up winter is strong, dark and malty with lots of complex flavors for the discerning palate and has hints of toffee, toffee and smoke – just like a good Camp the fire should.

Camp Beer Co. can be found on the Fraser Valley Beer Trail.

The winter of our content: Anno 2021 by Dageraad Brewing (8.5% ABV)

It’s that magical time of year for the followers of Dageraad Brewing: Destination Burnaby has released its Anno 2021. It’s a strong golden ale brewed with Okanagan pears and Indian cilantro and bottled. with Brett Claussenii (a strain of wild yeast that’s funky, fruity, and adds complexity over time). For the yarn-dyed Anno sidekicks, Dageraad also sells vintage gift sets that include one bottle each of Anno entrees from 2018-2021 plus two limited-edition holiday glasses.

Dageraad Brewery can be found on the North of Fraser Ale Trail.

A beer approved by Buddy-the-Elf: Angry Elf Cocoa Peppermint Holiday Stout by Dog Mountain Brewing (6.5% ABV)

This one’s like Will Ferrell in a barrel – well, his beloved holiday movie character. Elf, anyway. As a special gift for their fans, the Dog Mountain Pack of Port Alberni concocted this delicious dark ale using cocoa, vanilla and candy canes to fill the bottoms of thirsty people with a unique and refreshing ale. that tastes like adult mint hot chocolate.

Dog Mountain Brewing can be found on the Vancouver Island, second part of the beer trail.

Paint it ‘Black: Black Mammoth Winter Ale by Fernie Brewing Co. (8% ABV | 25 IBU)

Rich, strong and decadent, this dark beer is complemented by additions of chocolate malt, dark organic cocoa and Curaçao orange peels and aged in oak barrels for added smoothness and complexity. It’s a big, boozy ale that brings rich notes of orange and cocoa and goes perfectly with dark skies, cold nights and freshly fallen snow.

Fernie Brewing Co. can be found on the Kootenay Rockies East Ale Trail.

Sweet Sassy Molassy: 2021 Winter Ale from Kelowna Brewing Co. (7.5% ABV | 33 IBU)

It’s become an annual tradition for Kelowna Brewing fans – a perfect beer to open up in front of the fire after a long day on the slopes. Heavy on the malt bill and generous on the boiling molasses, this infusion has a balanced sweetness with hints of molasses and coffee. The Kelowna Brewing Team also offers custom boxes as a delicious alternative to traditional greeting cards.

Kelowna Brewing Co. can be found on the Kelowna and West Kelowna Ale Trail.

Bob’s Your Dunkel: Candy Cane Dunkel by the Moon Under Water Brew Pub & Distillery (5.4% ABV)

This brown lager has been brewed using a unique decoction process that gives it an intense malt flavor without leaving too much residual sugar and giving it a dry and refreshing finish. Candy canes and vanilla were used in the brewing process to give it some extra hints of the holiday season.

The Moon Under Water Brew Pub & Distillery can be found on the Victoria Beer Trail.

Think about these two Christmas herbal teas from Noble Pig Brewery:

Chocomint Mocha Porter (5.5% ABV | 22 IBU)

A festive take on the Kamloops Brewing Team’s flagship Stone House Mocha Porter, this Chocomint Mocha Porter is brewed with pure cocoa and peppermint for a deliciously delicious winter thrill with every sip.

Hot Belgian pork pepper ale (5% ABV | 20 IBU)

This’ Swine is mighty fine – a version of Noble Pig’s beloved Stick House Belgian Pepper Ale, the Mulled Swine is infused with heavy holiday spices and a deliciously warm flavor guaranteed to put even Grinchs in it. spirit of celebration.

The noble pig brewery can be found on the Kamloops, Shuswap, Vernon and Merritt Ale Trail.

Twist and Stout: Century Grove Chocolate Orange Stout by Townsite Brewing Inc. (6% ABV | 28 IBU)

Crush That Orange – This dessert stout from the popular destination of Powell River wraps beer lovers in a warm, cozy and cozy brew blanket. It gives off hints of chocolate and blood orange used in the brewing process and evokes memories of Terry’s Chocolate Co.’s favorite Christmas stocking.

Townsite Brewery Inc. can be found on the Sunshine Coast Ale Trail.

To see the full list of new beer releases and where to find them in your neighborhood, visit the BC Ale Trail Website today!

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