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Often those on the go and limited in time have no choice but to make a quick stop at a fast food restaurant when they are looking for a bite to eat.

That’s why Brandie Campbell recently opened Beckley Blend, a nutrition club located in the Beckley Crossing shopping center.

“Wherever there is a fast food restaurant, we need a nutrition club that offers fast and healthy food,” the nutrition coach said. “So people can come to the nutrition club and order healthy meal replacements instead of going through a fast food drive-thru where they’re consuming too many calories, carbs and unhealthy foods.”

Beckley Blend offers customers a variety of meal replacements and smoothies using Herbalife products.

Campbell, a Byram, Mississippi native, started working with the nutrition company, which she says offers “science-grade nutrition,” nine years ago. She decided to move to Beckley at the suggestion of a friend.

“A friend of mine back home who grew up here and whose family is still mentioned here (Beckley) didn’t have a nutrition club,” she explained. “She said there was nowhere in the area where a person could get something healthy on the go like this.”

So Campbell visited the area, met her friend’s family, and decided to give it a shot.

“It felt like home,” she said. “I found the perfect place and decided to take a leap of faith.”

Although Campbell refers to Beckley Blend as a nutrition club, no membership is required or even offered to customers, as they can simply walk in and order as they please.

“We have products for everyone,” she said, explaining that the menu includes healthy meal replacements, a range of plant-based and energy drinks, pre-workout drinks, post-workout drinks. training, protein iced coffee, collagen drinks, drinks for nursing mothers. and drinks for children.

Campbell said she and other employees can also help customers develop a healthy meal plan using Herbalife products.

“They (clients) explain what their typical daily diet looks like and we help them make positive choices,” she said, adding that the plans – which can help clients lose or gain weight – “help people feel better, have more energy and become healthier.”

In addition to a variety of on-the-go shakes and smoothies, Campbell said Beckley Blend also allows customers to purchase products to prepare their own meals at home.

“If someone can’t come here every day or wants to do it themselves, they can do it,” she said. “The nutrition club is just a way for us to help people use our products on the go, when they might not take the time to make themselves a shake or a smoothie every day. . “

Although it’s only been open a few weeks, Campbell said the response has been encouraging.

“Everyone loved it,” she said. “We have clients who come in every day and get really great results.”

Campbell said she is looking forward to seeing the business grow and is excited to help customers with their nutrition concerns.

“I just want to help impact this community and help people be healthier,” she said. “We’re just here to spread good nutrition.

“If anyone is looking for something new, healthy and delicious to boost their daily energy and nutrition, they should come in.”

Beckley Blend, at 408 Beckley Crossing Shopping Center, is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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