GUSA plans to form a DC advocacy consortium



The GUSA executive offered to revisit the concept of creating a DC advocacy consortium, prompted by the recent student protests at Howard University, at their October 24 meeting.

Along with the Blackburn protests, current inequalities in financial aid at George Washington University have heightened the need for such rights organization, said supporters of the consortium. This consortium would essentially be a space for all colleges in the DC region to collaborate in their advocacy efforts. So far, no official political team has been established within GUSA, however, an informal brainstorm between the executive and Howard’s students has begun. They plan to contact other DC area schools later this week.

GUSA has previously been involved in supporting the current protests in Howard. Various Senators have been involved in supply races and other actions such as sharing the Supply Cash app: $ thelivemovement.

Speaker Léo Rassieur (COL ’22) provided updates on the mandate meal plan and the advocacy work GUSA did to negotiate with the administration. An email sent to juniors and seniors on October 21 reflects the changes to this mandate. Although GUSA was not fully successful in convincing the university to reverse the meal plan to its format from previous years, students in upper grades can now apply for funding to help food insecurity, by email from the university.

“I think it’s really remarkable that we were consulted so much about this, that the requirement of the meal plan to go back to what it was in previous years, but it was something the administration didn’t want. not move and obviously we will keep pushing for that ”, Vice-President Rowlie Flores (COL ’22) said. “We are happy that in the short term people can apply for funding.

Flores also indicated that there had been a meeting regarding the referendum on the Metro U-Pass and that a plan was being made to help low-income students with internships or jobs downtown. .

The next GUSA reunion has not been scheduled due to Halloween this coming weekend.

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