Gaslamp Hotels gear up for San Diego Comic-Con 2022 [UPDATE July 11]

San Diego Comic-Con is only days away and you can feel it in the air.

Hotels and other Gaslamp buildings are already “dressed up” for the convention, anticipating the arrival of Comic-Con attendees. Parks and Cons are in the field, taking a look.

[UPDATE July 11 #4]

Significant progress was made on the Park 12/Paramount+ wraps today.

At the Hard Rock Hotel things went at a more relaxed pace, but a character was revealed that we now know for sure is an Apple TV+ Breakup wrap. Do you see Tramell Tillman’s character, Milchick, in his white turtleneck in the lower right corner?

[UPDATE July 11 #3]

Another wrap is also underway on the Hard Rock Hotel, though it hasn’t progressed much. With Apple TV+ taking over the location, could this be an advertisement for Breakup Or Lumon Industries? Green certainly seems the right color.

To put into perspective how small a piece of the full envelope it is at the moment, here’s the whole building:

At 12 Park, progress continues on envelopes. The side wrap appears to be just the Paramount+ logo:

While the Teen Wolf wrap is already making headway and is clearly in the woods, like many of the past key elements of the TV series.

[UPDATE July 11 #2]

Sweet Things, the beloved frozen yogurt shop at the foot of the Hilton Bayfront, is also getting in on the action with a new mural in progress, featuring fun cosplayer and character depictions.

[UPDATE July 11]

We’re less than 10 days away from San Diego Comic-Con 2022, and the build envelopes have started to mount.

First, 12 Park, a condominium, gets in on the action with a Paramount wrap, and it looks like a screaming good time — because we’re pretty sure it’s for the next one. Teen Wolf film.

The other side of the building is also getting a makeover, but it’s too early to tell.

Elsewhere on the Bayfront garage is a wrap for Disney Cruises (and an ERSI wrap on the Bayfront, but this one is sure to fall). Will Disney stay? To be determined.

[UPDATE July 6]

The area behind the Hard Rock has a small storefront, hosting San Diego Comic-Con, with some fun pop culture items. It won’t be long before the building and elevator envelopes are also up.

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