Food Bloggers’ Paani Puri Ice Cream Video Is A Hit Online But Its Taste Is Not So Much

Paani puri and his craze in the county are well established! It is enjoyed by all age groups and in most parts of the country. So when a food blogger from Bengaluru tried “paani puri ice cream,” it sparked a plethora of weird reactions on social media. His own review of the popular dessert is expensive. But how did Anjali Dhingra, the blogger, achieve this strange combination? In the video she uploaded to Instagram, Anjali said she had it delivered to her doorstep at a restaurant in town.

The video begins with Anjali asking her viewers if they have ever heard of paani puri ice cream. Holding the package of desserts, Anjali said she ordered it from a restaurant called Dock Frost’d in Bengaluru and was going to try it now. Anjali took out the package of food and carefully placed the puri in the center of a cup of ice cream. Then she takes a bite, and surprisingly, the puri remained crisp despite being surrounded by chilled ice cream.

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For a while it appeared, Anjali was confused by the taste but quickly started to review the dessert. “It tastes like khatta imli ka ice cream,” she said in the video. “Without puri, it’s still better. It’s not that bad, ”she added.

Watch his video here:

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Even though Anjali said it was fine, but paani puri is known for its tangy water and spicy stuffing. How many people would like the spiciness replaced by the sweetness of ice cream is still an open question.

His video garnered over 147,000 views and several comments, many of which shared their own experiences of such surprising combinations.

Yaar rasgulla cat se behtar hi hoga [It must be better than rasgulla chat]”said one user.

Another suggested, “Aap chocolate pizza try karo [Try chocolate pizza]. It tastes amazing.

In the meantime, if that makes you miss your old paani puri even more, try this recipe.

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