Fast Food Watch: Get a little green with McDonald’s limited-time cilantro ice cream

Whoever is in charge of marketing at McDonald’s China must be missing some warmer weather, as their latest limited-time offers seem to want to warm you up or summon some spring vibes.

Case in point: a new menu item available this week only called 香香香菜新地 Xiāng Xiāng Xiāngcài Xīndìotherwise known as cilantro flavored ice cream.

Cilantro – aka cilantro – is one of those things in the food world that is highly controversial. Personally, I appreciate the fresh flavor it gives to many dishes and sauces. Some, on the other hand, find it has an off-putting soapy quality and therefore avoid it.

Thing is, does it work with ice cream? Surprisingly yes.

We ordered this cilantro ice cream on Micky D’s WeChat mini-program, and it was delivered like most of their ice creams – a simple cup in a small plastic bag, no pumps or circumstance here.

It’s pretty much McDonald’s vanilla ice cream topped with a gooey neon green syrup that’s allegedly flavored with cilantro but has more of a hard-to-identify generic sweet flavor. At the top is finely chopped fresh cilantro – and I mean finely chopped.

From the first bite, all the freshness of coriander is there. A bit odd at first, but it’s a flavor that develops, especially when mixed with ice cream and green syrup.

If you really like crazy flavor combinations, try their cumin BBQ chicken wings dipped in ice cream. It’s a bit like cumin chicken with yogurt, because coriander and cumin go very well together.

All in all, it’s worth a try, but you better get it while it lasts. The fast-food chain is only offering the ice cream until Friday, February 25.

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Images: Vincent R. Vinci, McDonald’s

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