Factorio expansion will be as big as the base game, according to Dev

Factorio’s next expansion will be the same size as the base game itself, according to statements made by the developer ahead of launch.

Wube Software has announced that it is planning the next Factorio expansion pack to match the entire base game in terms of size. Factorio is a factory simulation game that spent four years in early access before being fully released in August 2020. Even then, the game suffered a somewhat rocky release, plagued by over 100 bugs and other issues that had to be fixed in patch 1.1, which was released about six months later.

fans of Factorio have had a lot of anticipation since the developers first announced their plans for the Factorio expansion pack. The original statement made it clear that plans for this expansion would take no less than a year to complete and now, almost exactly a year later, Wube has released a blog post with an update on the next version of the expansion. ‘extension. According to the developers, this expansion pack will come with a patch that will fix a variety of bugs that have not been fixed since patch 1.1. Between the DLC and the patch, Wube plans to fully wrap up all of its remaining development goals for Factorio.


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An article published by PCGamesN discussed the contents of Wube’s blog update yesterday. The DLC should cost $30, the same price as the base Factorio the experience itself, but the developers plan to include enough content to make it worth the price. The release is still far from complete, but according to the post, large sections of the game are playable and they will soon be able to test the entire expansion from top to bottom. Once done, the DLC will be cleaned up and improved before being released in a closed beta. The beta will likely be a bit of a test, as the blog post says the number of players they plan to invite into it will be limited.

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The expansion will work as a mod, so players can turn it off and play without it after purchasing it if they wish. In addition, the game will remain compatible with the base Factorio, allowing players to opt out of the update and play with others who don’t have the expansion. Wube isn’t planning another bug-ridden release, hoping to launch the expansion pack in a more or less completely stable state. This presents its own set of challenges, but Wube hopes that between automated testing and closed beta, he can get by.

Loyal Factorio the fans are a patient group, and they will have to continue to be so for the foreseeable future. While this update fills in plenty of details about the expansion pack plan, it doesn’t clarify a final or even tentative release date for the expansion. He has yet to be given a name, at least not the one that has been revealed to the public. As things stand, there’s a lot to Factorio lovers to look forward to, but there’s still a while to wait before the DLC goes live.

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Source: Factorio (via PCGamesN)

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