Factor Meal Delivery Service Review

With its impressive array of weekly meals to suit many diets, there’s a reason HelloFresh isn’t just an Editors’ Choice for meal kit delivery services, but the service my household uses. Factor is a subsidiary of HelloFresh, acquired by the company at the end of 2020, so our expectations were high for this ready meal delivery service. Luckily, Factor lets you receive, reheat, and eat restaurant-like quality food with its affordable subscription plans.

How much does the postman cost?

Factor requires a subscription; you cannot order his meals individually. That makes sense for HelloFresh or fellow Editors’ Choice Pick Blue Apron, services that regularly send you fresh and even raw ingredients. Still, we’d like to see more flexibility in prepared meal delivery services, since you freeze and store meals for weeks or months. Balanced Bites and Veestro have a la carte box options.

The good news is that The Factor’s prices are reasonable, considering the quality of its menu. Costs vary depending on the plan you choose. If you only want four meals a week, each serving costs $15. Go up to 18 meals a week and prices drop to $11 per serving. Fresh N Lean, our Editors’ Choice for ready meals, slightly tops those prices, but it’s still a bargain. Factor also allows you to purchase add-ons, such as smoothie packs and chicken wings, in addition to your regular box. Additional prices depend on the item, but are generally the normal service prices.

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Factor ships anywhere in the United States except Alaska and Hawaii, which is normal. Delivery is free. You have until Wednesday to cancel or change deliveries before the weekly cut. Memberships also include a 20-minute consultation with a dietitian, if you want Factor to be your gateway to healthier eating.

Factor’s menu rotates weekly, giving you around 30 new meals to browse. You can choose the meals you want unlike Trifecta, a service that only lets you influence what you might receive. Lists include nutrition and allergen information, and meals tend to be around 500 calories. You can further organize your meals by opting for one of Factor’s specialty plans. Keto, Calorie Smart, and Vegan and Veggie cater to those specific dietary needs, while Chef’s Choice has it all.

My sample meals alone show just how much Factor’s appealing menu has to offer. I received three different chicken dishes (Greek Lemon Chicken, Garlic Chive Chicken, Green Chili Chicken), Smoked Maple BBQ Ground Beef, Jalapeño Popper Burger, and a vegan mushroom marsala. My partner opted for two seafood dishes: salmon mango salsa and a Peruvian prawn bowl. These don’t just sound great for a meal kit; they sound good, period.

You can prepare satisfying meals simply by enjoying the additions. I ordered smoothies and chicken wings, but Factor also sells everything from snacks to individual ingredients. Don’t expect groceries like the Hungryroot Editors’ Choice, but you can buy roasted vegetables, individual pork chops, Keto snickerdoodle cookies, and more.

Postman package


Factor’s packaging reminded me of HelloFresh, except you can pack more prepared meals in a box than you can with fresh meal kit bags. Gel packs keep everything cool before transferring meals to your fridge or freezer (meals do not ship frozen). You can recycle the box and food containers, but Factor recommends putting the insulation and drained gel packs in the trash. At least these pieces are made from recycled materials.

Cook and eat with Factor

Enjoying Factor’s prepared meals is as simple as heating them up and eating them using the appliance of your choice. The packaging displays recommended heating instructions, such as the appropriate oven temperature or how long to keep food in the microwave. I cooked most of my meals in the oven, where the wrapper won’t burn if you put it on another tray. So, I ate straight from the container.

vegan factor marsala with mushrooms

Vegan marsala with mushrooms

The Factor meals were delicious. The chicken breasts were juicy and flavorful. The Vegan Mushroom Marsala reminded me how much mushrooms can be the star of a dish. The Smoked Maple BBQ Ground Beef was a little too sweet, but it otherwise worked like a kind of chili. When I asked my partner what she thought of her Peruvian Shrimp, she called it “good right away,” not just good for a meal kit. We just wished the portions were a little bigger, a complaint that shows how much we liked the food.

wings factor

BBQ Roasted Chicken Wings

The add-ons weren’t as impressive, but they were pretty tasty. I cooked a generous amount of roasted BBQ chicken wings in my air fryer, where they got a nice crispy exterior. They needed more seasoning though. I also really enjoyed the tropical smoothies. They weren’t as complex as, say, a Frozen Garden smoothie, but smoothies are what this service is all about. With Factor, it’s a bonus.

The deciding factor

Factor brings the great omnivorous entrees you expect from HelloFresh to the prepared meals space. Editors’ Choice Fresh N Lean takes a slight edge in price and a la carte flexibility, but you won’t go wrong with a Factor subscription.

Beyond HelloFresh, Fresh N Lean, and the other services mentioned, we’ve named several other Editors’ Picks for meal kit delivery services. Green Chef is a great choice for vegetarians, while MisenBox offers high-quality dishes from local restaurants across the country.

Factor meal delivery service

The essential

A Factor membership gives weekly access to a rotating menu of varied, satisfying, fully-prepared meals.

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