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Campus View Suites II, Legacy Ridge Apartments and Red Rock Ridge Student Housing offer different student life experiences. The cost can increase or decrease for each option depending on its amenities. Photographic illustration by Emma Brown.

Movies and TV shows are all about the fun of roommates and college dorms, but not so much the expense that comes with it.

One of the many factors in deciding which home to move into is whether or not it is affordable for the individual. Typically, there are three housing options: on-campus student housing, off-campus student housing, and apartment or house rentals.

Shared or private rooms are available in on-campus and off-campus housing, and renting an apartment or house gives you that option.

Accommodation in a shared room on campus

The average price for shared accommodation on campus is $ 1,524 per semester. This average is taken from Campus View Suites I, Campus View Suites II, Nisson Towers and Abby Apartments.

Compared to off-campus shared apartments and two-bedroom shared apartments, on-campus shared accommodation is the cheapest.

Benjamin Filkins, Resident Living Area Coordinator at Campus View Suites I, said: “The cost of on-campus housing tends to be significantly lower than off-campus housing, especially after taking the distance into account. reduced to walk for classes, food and all utilities. / WiFi / maintenance services included.

The low price can be attributed to public washers and dryers rather than personal washers and dryers.

The low price can also be attributed to public kitchens and meal plan options. CVS I, CVS II and the Nisson towers do not include a kitchen in the dormitory. CVS I and II include kitchens for public use, but not the Nisson towers. All three require students to purchase a meal card.

However, the Abby Apartments and the Chancellor Apartments are both DSU accommodations on campus and include full kitchens in each dormitory. Chancellor apartments also have washers and dryers in the dorms.

Accommodation in a private room on campus

The average price for private accommodation on campus is $ 2,059 per semester. The same situation for washers, dryers and kitchens also applies to private rooms. CVS I, CVS II, Nisson Towers, Abby Apartments and Chancellor Apartments all have the option of upgrading to a private room.

Student housing off campus

The price range for off-campus housing averages $ 2,011 per semester. This average is from Dixie Red Sands North and South, Red Rock Ridge, The Stay, Raintree and Dixie South. DSU’s website lists ten other off-campus housing options.

Most off-campus accommodation offers shared and private rooms as well as a variety of bathrooms and bedrooms in each apartment.

All off-campus accommodation includes an in-unit kitchen. A washer and dryer in the unit varies by resort.

For example, 7th and University is a group of off-campus units. It costs about $ 1,600 to $ 2,400 per bed per semester. A washer and dryer are included in the unit. 7th and University offers options for private and shared rooms.

Taylor Taft, a sophomore dance student at Herriman, said, “I like how you can find a location that meets your needs because there is a greater variety to choose from.”

Taft lived in 7th and college and currently lives at Red Rock Ridge Student Housing.

Non-student apartments

Along with the apartments, there is a plethora of options regarding size, number of rooms, and laundry options. Apartments and townhouses cost an average of $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 per month, but adding roommates can lower that cost. Depending on the resort, laundry in the unit or for public use varies.

When it comes to cost, tenants should keep in mind that most apartments are unfurnished. Furniture will quickly increase the cost because it can be expensive.

Students should be aware that apartments may be further from campus than most off-campus accommodation at DSU. The Red Rock at Sienna Hills Apartments are located approximately 15 minutes from campus.

Kendra Brown, first year population health student at Herriman, said, “I always leave at least 30 minutes before my class starts.”

Brown lives in a townhouse in Santa Clara with five other roommates. It is surrounded by a neighborhood with children and families.

All housing options come with a varied list of pros and cons, but it can help students have so many options in order to find the best fit.

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