Derek Carr enters NFL’s most important season


The Las Vegas Raiders have a strong quarterback in Derek Carr, and entering his eighth season as a starter, he is entering the most important year of his career.

Entering his eighth season as a starting quarterback in the Raiders franchise, Derek Carr has accomplished a ton in his career. He has broken career records for the Raiders, has had many thrilling comeback victories and has shown just how tough he is, even playing with a broken back.

Despite all of this, Carr has yet to appear in a playoff game, something that is not lost on fans. Over the past two seasons, it looked like that was all going to change, as the Raiders had good starts in 2019 and 2020, only to falter belatedly.

For Carr, not only is he entering his eighth season, but his most important, as another year outside of the playoffs could have the kind of ripple effect that would end his run with the team. He has already stated that he would rather retire than play for another franchise, so getting this team to the playoffs in 2021 is paramount.

Raiders can’t afford another late-season meltdown

Over the past two seasons, Carr has been statistically remarkable, reducing his interceptions, completing passes at a very high level and throwing over 4,000 yards. However, he also saw his team take solid starts, looking like playoff contenders, then falter down the stretch.

It’s not entirely his fault, as the defense was terrible last season and definitely lost late games. But as a starting quarterback, most of the blame rests on your shoulders, and Carr has done a good job taking all the hits and coming back next week ready to roll.

Now the time has come for him to put together more wins as he has everything else on his CV to make him an all-time great player for Silver and Black. The front office has revamped the defense this offseason, as well as the offensive line, so while there are question marks, getting Carr’s production isn’t one of them.

With all the questions, this is his most important season as he has to take this franchise under his wing and lead it to the playoffs.

Not to say that previous seasons were Carr’s fault as he played well enough to bring his team to the playoffs, but this season is so different. Based on his contract, the players around him and Jon Gruden’s schedule, the Raiders need to win and qualify for the playoffs in 2021, otherwise there could be significant turnover ahead of the next offseason.

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