Dealers should be ready for increased online sales in early 2022

The potential impact of the Omicron variant on consumer behavior means resellers should prepare for increased levels of online sales in early 2022, advises iVendi.

Darren Sinclair, CCO, said: “If the virus spreads as quickly as experts fear, chances are it will affect how many contacts people want with others as we head into the New Year.

“Whether or not we see an official lockdown can be a moot point, as individuals will already change their behavior, which we have seen at other times in the pandemic when the level of risk is perceived to be high.

“The likely outcome of this for car, truck and motorcycle dealerships is that they will see a shift to online sales as more and more people choose to purchase their cars remotely.

“While we wouldn’t expect to see something like the digital switchover to happen under total foreclosure conditions, the change could be very marked and dealers should now think about how to meet this potential demand. “

Sinclair added that the ability of many resellers to meet the needs of online shoppers has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic thanks to the conditions under which they were forced to negotiate.

“The pandemic has forced almost all dealers to take digital commerce seriously. Many have undertaken a massive overhaul, using new approaches and new technologies. We have seen significant improvements in two key areas.

“First, the range of online services provided by dealerships has grown, offering more the ability to reserve vehicles, manage parts exchanges, provide a full auto finance option up to a sale. final and more.

“Second, the customer journey itself has become much more flexible. The online process no longer forces everyone to follow the same path, to take the same steps. A good example is our Digital Deal tool which allows a dealership to build an individualized proposition in less than a minute and then send it to the customer. Introduced at the start of the pandemic, it has proven to be extremely effective.

“All of these developments suggest that most dealers will be able to successfully manage the business conditions of early 2021, regardless of the ways Omicron affects consumer behavior. However, it is not too late for those who do not yet have the capacity to sell a car online, our proven technology can be deployed quickly, easily and affordably.

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