Corona Canada: “Sunbrew 0.0%” the first alcohol-free beer with vitamin D

Crown Canada is proud to announce the global launch of Corona Sunbrew 0.0%. This innovative and one-of-a-kind alcohol-free beer contains 30 percent of the daily value of vitamin D per 330ml serving. As the newest member of the Corona family, a brand that celebrates going out and enjoying life in the sun, it enables consumers to enjoy “Sunshine, Anytime” during the winter months.

“As a brand, Corona is all about going out and feeling the sun, and we know this time of year Canadians miss that feeling,” said Mike Bascom, Senior Director of Marketing, Corona Canada. “Corona Sunbrew 0.0% provides an innovative way to remind people that feeling and what they love about Corona, but now alcohol-free. “

Corona Canada is committed to evolving with the needs of consumers and with most Canadians experiencing limited sunshine for eight months of the year, Canada was the perfect market to help co-create Corona Sunbrew 0.0% , since Corona is synonymous with beach and famous time outdoors. Plus, given the desire for nationwide soft drink options in 2021 – up 12% since the start of 20201 – Canadians are best positioned to be the first in the world to experience Sunbrew 0.0% and provide insight for future global deployments.

Corona Sunbrew 0.0% maintains the essence of Corona; it was developed from Corona Extra by extracting the alcohol and then mixing the non-alcoholic beer with vitamin D and natural flavors to achieve the final recipe. Each 330ml bottle contains 60 calories and 30 percent of the daily value of vitamin D.

“Corona Sunbrew 0.0% – along with our other innovations from the past year – proudly showcase our ability to identify gaps, find solutions and seek growth opportunities as a brand,” continued Bascom. “Knowing that Corona Sunbrew 0.0% is the only alcohol-free beer in the world containing vitamin D offers a unique opportunity in the market. “

Building on the brand’s commitment to innovation, last year Corona Canada piloted a revolutionary new type of packaging for six-pack beer bottles. In partnership with the Anheuser-Busch Global Innovation and Technology Center InBev, Corona became the first global beverage brand to use surplus barley straw and recycled paper fibers to create a packaging solution innovative cardboard box that’s as strong and durable as a regular six-pack box. .2 In late 2021, Labatt Breweries of Canada also announced another breakthrough in packaging technology with the introduction of KeelClip â„¢ – an advanced packaging system that will use 65 percent less carton than our carton. previous carton – which will be used on Corona beer cans in a six-pack. Both initiatives reinforce Corona Canada’s ongoing commitment to environmental conservation and the continuous improvement of the sustainability of its production practices.

Corona Sunbrew 0.0% is now available in a six-bottle pack at select grocery stores across Quebec and will roll out nationally to the rest of Canada in the coming months.

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