Consumers find ways to save as inflation rises – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

These days, when it comes to buying the essentials, some shoppers are doing things a little differently.

“Finding creative ways to cut expenses where we can,” buyer Matt Meyer said.

This is because inflation is rising. In Dallas-Fort Worth, year-over-year, it’s 7.8%, which is higher than the national rate.

Buyers notice the change.

“I’ve definitely noticed that the only thing I buy myself is gas,” Meyer said. “I definitely noticed the price of this one going up and up.”

“Every time I go to checkout I’m always quite shocked to see the price,” said customer Amanda Paxton.

CNBC Retail reporter Melissa Repko said the cost in stores is rising because businesses are also facing rising production costs.

“They spend more on transportation, packaging and even the cooking oil they use to make crisps,” Repko said. “That means they either have to absorb those costs as a business or charge people more.”

Right now it is being passed on to customers.

Repko said people might adjust their shopping habits if this continues.

“People could buy smaller cans of soda,” Repko said. “Or they might get a smaller bottle of detergent or they might say I’m not getting my favorite brand of snacks. Instead, I’m going to buy a grocery brand of snacks from the store maybe a dollar cheaper or 50 cents cheaper This is something we could see in the coming months.

For some, this adjustment has already begun.

“We’re certainly looking at picking up different streaming services and removing some of them,” Meyer said. “Subscribe for three months, watch whatever you want to watch and stop this one and move on to another that kind of thing.”

“Cutting down and taking the time to plan and prepare meals to kind of have our budget for the week, so that’s what we did,” Paxton said.

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