Congress remains on the hunt for a new idea for a changing India


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Sagarika Ghose has been a journalist for over three decades, starting her career at Times of India, then Outlook magazine and The Indian Express. She h

“I am a full-time and active Congress President,” Sonia Gandhi said at Saturday’s CWC meeting and sent a clear message: on the issue of Congress leadership, there is no challenge to the Gandhi family. Sonia has always been the keeper of the Nehru-Gandhi family flame, but as party leader she has mostly played a role of listening and reconciliation. This time, although his words were surprisingly sharp, they were clearly aimed at fending off any putative threat from the G23, a group of dissidents who have publicly questioned the party leadership vacuum.

That one of the G23 leaders, Ghulam Nabi Azad, was sitting next to Sonia when she made her statements only reflects the limitations of this group. Unlike Morarji Desai or Devaraj Urs or VP Singh, none of the G23 members have an independent base of support, influence or stomach for a prolonged struggle against the Gandhi-led Congress or to initiate a proper split within the left. In this sense, the G3 vs G23 battle has been suspended for the time being; the Gandhis remain in control, the identity of the party clinging to the lineage in power.

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