Citing global food needs, Vilsack suggests a better system for tracking agricultural products

Politico reported, “The United States has announced several more monies it intends to deploy for global food assistance, including $280 million of U.S. food supplies to seven countries in Africa and the Middle East. But this process is extremely time-consuming, both bureaucratically and logistically, and deliveries aren’t expected to arrive until the fall. »

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In his discussion with the WSJ, Vilsack called for the opening of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea to free up space for the next Ukrainian harvest. Vilsack criticized Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian agriculture.

“They’re destroying grain, they’re destroying facilities in Ukraine, they’re making it harder for Ukrainian farmers to harvest their crop, store their crop and plant their crop, so it starts in Russia,” he said.

Vilsack called for the opening of Ukrainian ports, which are currently surrounded by Russian ships, mines and troops.

“It’s important for us to take steps to do our best to open the ports so that the grain currently in Ukraine can be exported to North Africa and the Middle East,” Vilsack told the WSJ.

As DTN reported last week, Russian attacks on Ukrainian agricultural infrastructure continue to increase.…

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