Capital Fitness Owner Creates Own Weight Loss Program


CARVER – Coach Chris wants to help his clients invest in the best to help them lose weight.

Capital Fitness owner Chris Capilli created his Invest in the Best You weight loss empowerment coaching program in response to the COVID pandemic so he can continue to help people.

“This workout program is really where my heart is right now,” he said.

Each week, he offers individual coaching to his clients. They learn about nutrition and receive a nutrition guide, they join a Facebook community group, and they have unlimited access to Capital Fitness and its classes. The program also comes with the Cap Fit fitness app, which is free for life.

Capilli recently posted on his Facebook page at CapitalFitnessInc the story of Jack Frates losing 23 pounds in six weeks with his program. He said he was so proud of himself.

“It’s really great to see the transformations,” he said. “It’s really cool.”

Capilli said there was an obesity epidemic with the COVID pandemic, and that he wanted to do his part to help end obesity by promoting fitness through education and awareness in his 2 Commerce Way gym.

“We want to get people moving,” he said.

Capital Fitness owner Chris Capilli presents his Invest in the Best You weight loss coaching program at 2 Commerce Way.

Capilli, 36, has always had a passion for fitness. He’s always been in sports, but it was the reaction of his high school football coaches to losing their great rival that set him on the path to a career in fitness. One of their trainers in particular stepped on them, and while they all heard him, he really listened.

He started training all the time and liked the attention when he started to achieve significant results. After that, he started to train his friends and prepare their workouts for his friends. He obtained his personal training certificate and has already trained at five locations on the South Shore.

At 25, he opened his own business in the Kingston Mall in a larger space that he shared with another business owner before moving to a studio in Carver after a few years. When the business was sold after about four years, he started working at Anytime Fitness, waiting for the next opportunity.

Capital Fitness owner Chris Capilli shares the benefits of wheatgrass on his Facebook page.

Capilli opened Capital Fitness just over three years ago, and although it’s a whirlwind with the COVID pandemic hitting hard in his sophomore year, fitness continues to be his passion.

“I love helping people and I love seeing people lose weight,” he said. “It’s really inspiring to me.”

Over the years, his awareness has evolved, going beyond just coaching clients to becoming coaching and showing clients why they do what they do. He said a lot of people don’t know how but want to make changes.

“I get into their heads a bit and try to give them compelling reasons to stick with it,” he said. “If it’s to lose weight, there will be more circuit training, based on cardio.”

Capital Fitness offers several courses and programs at 2 Commerce Way.

He said it all depends on their needs and body types come into play. There are three types of body: ectomorphs who have a lean build, mesomorphs with medium build, and endomorphs who have a harder time losing weight.

He said everyone has a story and can tell you what they can and can’t do, and he thinks it’s their job to break their beliefs and push back so they will listen and replace the word. can’t with “I can’t yet.”

He said Capital Fitness has found its niche with its classes because of the sense of community, membership, and hard work that brings people together and gets results. He said no one has to worry about what they look like and can really accomplish. There is also an open gym membership. It also offers yoga for free with a membership, and Dawn Fletcher offers massage therapy.

It's bodybuilding with Jake at Capital Fitness at 2 Commerce Way.

Capital Fitness also offers an outdoor workout with its outdoor gym. It opens the two large doors to the bay and with the blue Astroturf and training equipment including free weights, treadmill and rowers, there is a shipping container that has mirrors inside and provides shade outside.

Capital Fitness clients work out in its outdoor gym at 2 Commerce Way.

He opened the outdoor gym in April in response to COVID and put people at ease.

You can reach Capital Fitness by calling 508-465-1409 or online at or

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