Be as enthusiastic about Yannick Ngakoue as the Las Vegas Raiders



Yannick Ngakoue has said all the right things since being signed by the Las Vegas Raiders, and Raider Nation should be as excited as he is to be here.

Needing some help in the pass rush, the Las Vegas Raiders played for free agency rusher Yannick Ngakoue, signing a free agency player that fixes a major problem on that list. The defense as a whole was atrocious last season, ranked in the NFL’s last three, so it was obvious the franchise would be targeting that side of the ball this offseason.

Target the defense they made, bringing in talent through free agency and spending five of their seven draft picks on that side of the ball. This gives new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley a ton of talent to work with, and at Ngakoue they get a player who improves them considerably in a position of need.

However, a member of the media, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, actually rated Ngakoue’s signing as the worst in the NFL this offseason. This take is just laughable, as Ngakoue is back with the person who drafted him from Gus Bradley, and joining a defense that needed playmakers, making him a perfect fit.

Raiders desperately need help with the pass rush

Ngakoue even recently declared that he and Crosby are the best rushing passing duo in the NFL, which should also excite the fanbase. It’s good to see players come in and put on the jersey and be proud to be a Raider, something that should spill over onto the playing field.

For a team that only landed 21 sacks as a unit in 2021, the addition of Ngakoue is a monster, and its impact is going to be felt across all three levels of defense.

Ultimately, Ngakoue can get past the quarterback, and his presence is going to be felt far more than the kind of stats he presents in 2021. He was brought in to solve a real problem on that defense, and the fans should be just as excited that he’s here as he is to put Silver and Black on.


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