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Many people wonder if it is true that there really are so-called mini loans without requirements. It is very likely that you also ask yourself this question if you are looking for funding, since there has been a lot of talk about this type of financial services but at the same time there are many doubts about it. Next, we will answer the following question: is it true that mini-loans exist without requirements? Let’s see.

How to get mini loans without requirements

How to get mini loans without requirements

Mini loans that do not have any kind of requirement do not exist. However, there are some quick loans that have virtually no requirements. In fact, the few they have tend to have very low demands.

Therefore, even if you hear about loans without requirements, what people really mean is that compared to bank loans, they have almost no requirements. Do you want to know what you must meet to apply for one of these loans?


To apply for one of these loans it is necessary that you have, at least, the age that the lender requests. Generally this age is in the 18 years. However, because many lenders do not want to lend their money to people who are too young, you may find yourself with some entities that increase this age up to 21, 25 or even 30 years.

On the other hand, in many cases there is also a maximum in age. In the same way that the minimum can be found in 18, 21 or 25 years, the maximum can also vary. Generally, you can apply for this type of loan up to 70 years. Sometimes, this age can be higher (for example, 75 years) or lower (65 years).

The residence

In order to apply for one of these loans with few requirements, you will need to be a resident in Spain. This means that if you are Spanish, but live outside of Spain as an official resident, you will need to apply for a loan in an entity in the country where you are living.

On the other hand, if you are not Spanish but you are residing legally in Spain, that is, you have a NIE that identifies you, you can request this type of loan from any of the entities that you can find here.

Therefore, in order to access these loans you need a valid Spanish identity document, regardless of whether it is a DNI or NIE.


Another requirement that you need to meet to apply for a quick mini loan is to have income. But these revenues must meet three characteristics. Let’s see what they are.

  • Regular This means that the money you earn must enter your bank account on a regular basis. For example, once a month. Therefore, if you receive a certain amount of money from time to time but it does not happen again in a long time, that type of income would not make you eligible for the loan.
  • Demonstrable This money must be demonstrably legal, so it must come from a legal source, such as a declared job or some type of benefit or pension. You can also use the rents if you are a rentier. However, if you work earning money in black, that is, without going through the bank and a record is left, you will not be able to access the funding no matter how high the amount you earn per month.
  • Enough Although it is obvious, sometimes it is necessary to say it too. The amount of money you earn each month should be enough to pay off the loan once the return period ends. If the income you count on each month meets these three characteristics you can request a mini loan without requirements. Therefore, it is not necessary that you have a payroll. You can access this financing having another type of income, such as the income generated by your work as self-employed, an unemployment benefit or a pension that meets all three characteristics.

Contact method

The entity to which you apply for the loan needs to have a contact method to be able to talk with you about their conditions and communicate the different notifications that you need to make. In many cases it will serve you simply by including a phone number or an email in your application.

Remember that you must have some type of contact method since, being a service that is provided online, the company will send you the documents for you to sign, as well as the loan contract through one of these means.

Bank account in your name

In order for the company to transfer the money you have requested, it is necessary that you have a bank account in your name. This means that if your wife or husband is the owner of the account, it will be he or she who has to put their name on the application.

This condition, which can often seem insignificant, is very important and basic. In fact, if you do not have a bank account of which you are a holder or co-owner, you will not be able to request either this type of financing or, in general, any other.

Not being in Financial Credit Institutions

Financial Credit Institutions is the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. This association manages a file that includes people who have debts with entities or companies.

There are some lender companies that allow you to request this type of fast loans online even if you are in a file of defaulters, such as Financial Credit Institutions. However, this is not always the case. There are other companies that will not accept your application if you are in one of these registers.

Undoubtedly, this is something that you should keep in mind since in case you are in Financial Credit Institutions one of your simplest financing solutions are the mini loans. But you must go to a company that accepts clients in your situation.

These are the basic requirements that you can find in mini-loan companies without requirements. These may vary from one company to another. However, the great majority of fast-loan companies have the norm to include these conditions. If you are looking for this type of financing, do not hesitate to take a look at our website. You can find the financing you need in a few minutes.