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Are Cheetos Chips? (Paige Yurczyk / TommieMedia)

Spirits erupted on a September afternoon as two friends shared a bag of Cheetos in St. Thomas Square during a one-hour lunch break. It started off as a simple question, but has grown into a much bigger issue between us.

“Are these Cheetos?” I said questioningly.

“Yes, of course they are. What else would they be? Jos responded.

We had no idea this would spark a heated debate between us that was strong enough to spark this dueling opinion piece.

After many conversations, we decided to ask our question to the community of St. Thomas. We polled over 200 students for their opinions and the results shocked us.

We both thought that the opinions would be much more out of step with our personal opinions on the subject, but it can be seen that the opinion of the students is just as divided on the issue as ours.

Cam’s opinion:

So, the Cheetos chips?

In short, the answer to this question is clearly no. However, my short answer won’t be enough to convince people that this opinion is correct, which is why I did extensive research.

I relentlessly scoured the Cheetos website for the word “chip” anywhere on it. Wouldn’t a website dedicated to crisps have this word stuck on it? You might think so.

However, the word was nowhere to be found.

Instead, the Cheetos The website says, “CHEETOS snacks are the popular cheese treats that are fun for everyone. ”

Even the way their own website describes them shows no sign of the word. The website describes them only as “snacks” and “treats”.

If this information hasn’t made you at least question your “Cheetos are chips” allegiance, then I hope this one will.

Merriam webster defines a crisps as “a small piece of thin, crispy and usually salty food, usually prepared by frying, baking or drying”.

By this definition, a Cheeto almost matches the definition of a chip.

But that doesn’t quite meet the definition.

According to a Food web video, Cheetos are made by mixing cornmeal and water and sending the dough through a machine called an extruder.

The extruder generates heat and pressure to “explode” the dough. After that, they ride on a conveyor belt to a deep fryer where they are then baked at over 300 degrees. This process is also what gives Cheetos their unique shape.

Frying the dough in this process meets the Merriam-Webster definition of a chip, but not the rest. Cheetos aren’t thin, flat, or salty – they’re long, round, and cheesy.

Instead of being a chip, the way Cheetos are made they fall into a whole different category: puffs.

“It’s actually a whiff of corn,” the Food Network video said. “The crunchy variety is fried, while the cabbage is baked. “

Cheetos are actually cheesy corn puffs, not crisps. The extruder swells them into their shapes before they are later made crisp through the subsequent cooking process.

Another common argument as to why Cheetos are crisps comes from the fact that they are in the crisper aisle at the supermarket, which I find to be wrong reasoning.

While Cheetos can be found in the chip aisle and the little bags can be found in a variety of packaging, there is no concrete reason to call them chips. Products like popcorn and pretzels can also be found in the chip aisle and in individual variety packs, but these are not chips.

I find it hard to believe that a lot of people seriously argue that popcorn and pretzels are considered crisps; why is it so hard to believe that Cheetos aren’t chips either?

Despite the silliness of this debate, the answer is obvious: Cheetos cannot be considered crisps.

Jos’s opinion:

Imagine this, you walk into Target, your favorite store. It’s movie night. Flea Alley calls your name. You pass the Lays, too fat. Sun Chips, which lack flavor.

Then you see the glorious Cheeto orange bag. It is as if the flea god is shining from above and his angels are singing for you. Chester the cheetah, the face of Cheetos himself, calls out to you. A bag full of cheese, crunch, goodness.

The crackle. The crisp. Cheddar dust. The three main meanings of a tasty fries.

According to the online dictionary, Merriam webster, the definition of a chip is; a small, thin, crispy, usually salty piece of food, usually prepared by frying, cooking or drying.

When I look at the word chip, the first photo that pops up is, you guessed it, Cheetos. If it wasn’t a chip, why would Google say it is? The Internet is never wrong.

My thought is if I was in a neighborhood digging a shin and asking if someone could pass me the chips, and all of a sudden Cheetos appeared. I wouldn’t be surprised and excited about this chip business.

Cheetos are based on the ingredient cornmeal. A similar ingredient, corn, is found in crisps like Doritos. a Odyssey The article states that the crisps are made “of flour or potato and are fried or baked”.

On the website, Junk Food Blog their Cheetos – The Ultimate Guide article states that “There are two different versions of Cheetos – [one of them being] a crispy fried version. This reinforces the argument that Cheetos are crisps because it is a fried food made from cornmeal.

Compared to British culture, French fries are considered crisps. In my Google searches, fries often came up as an example of crisps. If fries can be crisps, why not Cheetos?

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