Angry mom shares her handy “four week sliding menu” that takes ALL the stress out of feeding the family

An exhausted mom-of-two shared her smart four-week ‘changing menu’ that simplifies cooking, after admitting that she “hates meal planning and food shopping.”

Caroline Campbell, who has two children under the age of five, works full time and feels that cooking dinner every night is a “chore” for which she has no time.


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Her solution is a scalable four-week menu that features a few quick and easy dishes that she can cook for her family of four.

The idea is to have fixed meals per week and alternate them on a monthly basis, so Caroline no longer has to worry about planning her meals.

The best part is that all the meals use similar ingredients which saves the mom of two money and reduces waste.

For example, one of her meals is a pea and ham soup that will use up leftover ham from the day before, as well as ingredients that she will already have in her cupboard and freezer.

I hate planning meals and shopping. With a pretty demanding full-time job and two kids under the age of 5, this feels like a chore I don’t have time for.

Caroline campbell

In doing so, Caroline said she could just order the same food every four weeks and have it delivered by Tesco.

She revealed that the meal plan costs her between £ 40 and £ 46 for her family, and it includes extras like “fruit, toilet paper, squash and cat food”.

The detailed meal plan includes both lunches and dinners over the seven days, and Caroline even used symbols to indicate what leftovers are, what goes into the slow cooker and pressure cooker, and what needs to be frozen or thawed. .

Posting a snapshot of her curated spreadsheet online, she wrote, “I hate meal planning and food shopping. With a pretty demanding full-time job and two kids under 5, it looks like a chore I don’t have time for.

People on Facebook loved the smart idea


People on Facebook loved the smart idea

“So I created a 4 week rolling menu, I will keep repeating it and making any desired / necessary changes. I have tried to maximize all ingredients purchased to save money and reduce waste.

“I then created shopping lists and placed each of those orders for the next 4 weeks on Tesco. I know it’s not as economical as it could be, but the time and hassle it needs. it saves worth £ 7.99 for delivery saver as Tesco is where i would buy in person.

“In 4 weeks, when I go back to week 1, all I have to do is place a new order and check the cart. Thought to share in case that helps someone else. “

I tried to maximize all the ingredients purchased to save money and reduce waste.

Caroline campbell

Needless to say, the plan has been a hit with other budget moms looking for ways to streamline meals in their homes.

“Omg I love it! I’m going to take a screenshot and borrow some of the meals, I have a toddler and I’m pregnant so it will be good to have some new ideas! One person raved.

And another said, “This is so smart!

Meanwhile, a third added: “Great idea! We are in the same boat, demanding full time jobs and 2 children under 5 years old. Thank you so much for sharing. I love symbols!

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