A new CCTV camera installed to deter vandalism on the seafront roof


Pictured left are Ross Johnstone of WCCTV who provided the CCTV camera, City Council Operations Manager Matt Adamson-Drage and Aran Craig of TopSparks who helped set up the camera.

A NEW security camera has been installed on the waterfront following several deliberate breakage of the new glass balustrade.

Four of the glass panels surrounding the flat roof area above Marine Parade have shattered since they were installed last July.

The first breakage was caused by a rock propelled by one of our mowers, but the last three incidents were all deliberate acts of vandalism.

A CCTV camera has now been installed directly on the roof to help deter further incidents.

With exceptional zoom capabilities and an infrared mode for low light, there shouldn’t be any problems pinpointing the culprits if further mishaps occur.

The good news is that although the panels were shattered – at a cost of around £ 5,000 to replace – the glass largely behaved as expected, shattering into small, blunt fragments.

Fortunately, no one was injured in any of these incidents.

There were concerns locally about the potential danger to the public and whether the type of glass used was suitable for the location.

We engaged an independent expert to advise us on the suitability of the glazing, who confirmed that the glass used is perfectly suited to the area and the potential uses of the roof.

The consultant, Richard Kells, described the barrier system as “in place” and confirmed that high-rise buildings in London would use the same type of glass.

There have been calls locally to replace the panels with laminated glass, but the consultant said this type of glass was now banned following the Grenfell fire.

Speaking at a council meeting last week, Mr Kells said: “You don’t want to waste more money putting in laminated glass and then possibly breaking building rules which could change.

“After Grenfell, the only option is what the board currently has. You have a very good barrier system compared to other buildings I have inspected.

“It’s perfect from a compliance standpoint.

“So far, in our experience, there have been no deaths from falling glass. Injuries from falling glass are quite rare.

With the glass now having an expert seal of approval and a security camera installed to deter or catch vandals, we can now start thinking about how best to use the roof area.

WONKA fever about to strike Lyme Regis!

WARNER Brothers will be shooting scenes around town for “Wonka,” a family story that reimagines the youth of one of Roald Dahl’s most beloved characters, Willy Wonka, before he got his chocolate factory.

The board has been in talks with Warner Brothers since early summer regarding the production crew using sections of our parking lot in Monmouth Beach.

All shoots will take place in the harbor and the Cobb area on Monday October 11 and Tuesday October 12, the first daytime shoot and the second night shoot, as well as rehearsals on Saturday October 9.

The production crew will begin prepping the Cobb starting Monday, October 4, dressing it up like the set and prepping it for filming.

On filming days, public access to the Cobb will be restricted, although full access will be maintained while the set is being dressed.

Production vehicles, filming equipment and a marquee will be located in sections of the Monmouth Beach parking lot on either side of the Boat Building Academy, meaning there will be less public parking available during filming.

While public access is maintained at all times, there may be temporary inconvenience while vehicles associated with filming are moved to or off the site and an on-site management team and temporary traffic control will handle this. .

Council considers new ways to deter seagulls

WE ARE LOOKING for new ways to deter seagulls after another season of lingering complaints.

Complaints have included seagulls stealing lunches and ice cream, cutting faces as they grabbed food and fouling people.

In 2017, the council launched its Seagull Action Plan, which aimed to mitigate bird nuisance through public education and awareness.

The plan included delivering a flyer to residents and visitors of Lyme Regis with advice on wild bird law and how to deter seagulls from nesting on properties.

It also involved placing signs on the waterfront to discourage people from feeding the seagulls.

This was further supported by the introduction of a public space protection ordinance by the former West Dorset District Council, which made it a civil offense to intentionally feed seagulls.

Our law enforcement officers can issue fixed penalty notices and a £ 100 fine to anyone caught intentionally feeding seagulls, although they have found it very difficult to catch people red-handed or to prove it was intentional.

But the benefits of this campaign have faded and we must now seek alternative measures to ensure public safety.

One of the metrics we’re looking at is an audible bird scarer, where ultrasound, distress bird calls and predator calls are used to disperse groups of seagulls. It is hoped that this technique can be used as part of a coordinated plan.

The details of this plan are not yet clear, but we want to start work now in the hopes of seeing results before the nesting season in May and June.

The waterfront guardrails will be replaced this fall

WORK will take place this fall to replace the historic cast iron grates along the Marine Parade.

The railings, which date back to the late 19th or early 20th century, at the east end of Marine Parade are in poor condition and have been repaired over the years with pipes or scaffolding posts.

The council initially started this project in 2017, but encountered planning problems, which meant that the works could not take place so far.

The works will take place from the beginning of November after the school holidays and should be completed by the second week of December. It will involve the replacement of approximately 220 meters of guardrails and 98 posts.

We will try to minimize disruption, but it will require some management of vehicle and pedestrian movements on the wagon route and the maritime parade during the works.

Access and parking will be maintained at all times, but it may be necessary for pedestrians to occasionally walk on the lower level to maintain a safe distance, or for short sections of Cart Road to be temporarily cordoned off to vehicles.

New online reservation system for beach cabins

We will be taking beach cabin reservations for 2022 soon.

The office has been inundated with requests from people wanting to book a cabin for next year and we have now posted more details on the booking process.

Our online reservation system has been improved, people will now be able to add multiple reservations to their cart, and Lyme Regis residents will be able to claim their Gateway Card discount on the website.

We will continue to prioritize Lyme Regis residents so that we can book any of our annual packages, summer or winter, before they are released to the general public the next day.

The priority day for residents is Tuesday, October 12, and the main reservation is Wednesday, October 13.

We encourage everyone to use the online reservation system, if possible, as it is the fastest and easiest way to check availability, book and pay.

All the information you need on beach hut bookings for 2022 is available on our website at www.lymeregistowncouncil.gov.uk/book-a-beach-hut

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