A message to UConn students regarding the spring semester 2022

To our students:

In light of the current evolution of the COVID-19 situation in Connecticut and nationally, UConn is making changes in the spring semester to help protect the health of our communities that will affect all students:

  1. At least the first two weeks of classes for the spring semester 2022 will be online only. Teachers are aware of this and your teachers will contact you directly about your lessons.
  1. The residential move for the Storrs and Stamford campuses will be postponed by two weeks, meaning the move will take place over the weekend of 29 january, not January 15th. During this two-week period, the university asks all students to exercise caution to avoid exposure to COVID-19, which means consistent masking (especially in public places) and avoiding gatherings, especially those inside. Students who have on-campus accommodation and / or a meal plan who do not live in their residence or do not use food services for this two week period will receive a credit equal to two weeks of the total cost of accommodation. and / or meal expenses for the spring semester ’22.
  1. The university will announce in the near future that vaccine boosters will be required for eligible students. Information on obtaining a recall and reporting to SHAW can be found here. Discussions are also underway to require the same for eligible faculty and staff.

The measures described above are essential: to reopen, resume face-to-face classes and remain open during the spring semester, the university must once again welcome a healthy population.

The university knows that some students have no choice but to return to our campuses on the weekend of the 15the or sooner depending on your personal situation. On Monday January 3, residential students scheduled to live on campus will be contacted by Residential Life with instructions on how to apply for housing approval from January 15 to 29.

International students and all students with proven housing insecurity will be approved. Students wishing to reside on campus must respond by Thursday, January 6 at noon. On-campus employment does not guarantee permission to live in on-campus accommodation.

Unvaccinated and exempt students are not eligible to return to university accommodation until January 29.

For students permitted to live on campus, UConn will open in red with additional restrictions, including online classes, limited meals, and very limited activities, including the closure of in-person use of the recreation center until to January 29. It will closely resemble residential quarantine. the university followed in the fall of 2020.

All students, regardless of their immunization status, will be required to adhere to these restrictions. Unless it is necessary for academic expectations, students will not be allowed to leave campus and no guests will be allowed in the residences.

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