4 easy steps to improve your remote working life


During the pandemic, people had to figure out how to communicate effectively from a distance. This included a need to rebalance work and life at home. Are you sitting at the same disorganized desk with little motivation and constant distractions? Maybe you are losing your focus spending time with your family or working on projects? The good news is, it’s easy to make your new virtual workplace more efficient. Follow the four tips below to improve stability and productivity in project management.

1. Rethink your space

The first step in becoming more efficient is to organize your space. Create different spaces or sections to distinguish between your work and your personal spaces. If size is limited, try hanging a curtain or use a room divider to separate your desk from your bed. Adding dual-use items, such as a filing cabinet or a computer screen, can increase functionality. When redesigning your workspace for virtual work, it tends to be seated a lot. Consider investing in a standing desk. The benefits of adjustable workstations range from reducing the risk of obesity and heart disease to reducing back pain. Also, consider purchasing a large exercise ball, which can improve your energy while strengthening your posture and balance. Make sure to check if your lighting is sufficient day and night. Amplified lighting brightens up the mood and relieves the eye. Be innovative and enjoy the process!

2. Invest in your short and long term plans

Consider separating your work commitments from your personal obligations to minimize your stress. Schedule specific hours on weekends for cleaning and laundry. This will give you some freedom during the week to relax or exercise. Keep a notepad and pen in your kitchen to jot down when you run out of cleaning supplies and food. On Sunday evening, write down your schedule and specific tasks on a sticky note so you have the satisfaction of crossing things off. You can even get a head start on grocery shopping and meal preparation. Since remote working often blurs the days, get in the habit of tidying up your desk at night so you won’t be overwhelmed the next morning. In addition to daily and weekend routines, at the start of each month, create a calendar with important events and deadlines to guide you through your organization. By investing the time to plan, you will have a better daily balance!

3. Prioritize personal care

When you work virtually, burnout happens to everyone. Establish a routine for a day or an hour of self-care. Try a do-it-yourself spa day with face masks or get creative with bath salts and essential oils. Consider honoring your feelings by taking time to journal. With more time at home, find inspiration to design a meal schedule that incorporates new foods and variety. Start the morning with hot water and lemon to revitalize energy levels without using caffeine. Add cinnamon to some of your favorite meals or snacks (like oatmeal and cottage cheese) to stabilize your blood sugar. When looking to get rid of toxic energy, join a virtual fitness group or go for a walk. Plus, enjoying nature can both calm the mind and rejuvenate the mind before a new project. Carving out a mini vacation will help you achieve peak performance. Put your needs first and watch how you soar!

4. Strengthen connections

Do something different to minimize social isolation. Consider making team interactions a priority. First, collaborate more with your colleagues. Start by planning a coffee or virtual lunch. If the weather permits (and the Wi-Fi is sufficient), organize a meeting outside. And if outdoors isn’t an option, commit to sitting by the window on a sunny day – the increased vitamin D has benefits for fighting depression.

Plus, plan events for your team to build unity. It can be as simple as setting aside 30 minutes on Fridays to discuss a new movie or an entertaining podcast. Try to network differently with your colleagues; think instant messaging or other streamlined apps that automate routine actions. Building one-on-one relationships with your team members will make the group more cohesive and effective. Using shared calendars or sending group messages, indicating availability, will strengthen communication with colleagues. By improving connections, camaraderie will be strengthened!

These four steps suggest ways to organize a virtual working day in your favor. Take a look at your current space and think about where you can create distinct areas that support your lifestyle. Be strategic with time management by maintaining a schedule for deadlines. Make sure to replenish your mind and body with self-care. Finally, remove virtual loneliness by connecting with coworkers. When you sit down to start the next project feeling refreshed in your redesigned space, remote working becomes much more productive and enjoyable.

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