10-year-old Suffolk student dies of COVID-19 and other headlines in Virginia


Our daily roundup of headlines from Virginia and beyond.

• A 10-year-old student at Suffolk Public Schools has died of COVID-19. It is believed to be the second child death in the region, which has seen an increase in hospitalizations of young people since schools reopened. Before her death, she was responsible for accompanying sick students to the nurses’ office.Virginie-Pilot

• Plaintiffs behind an unsuccessful lawsuit to prevent Governor Ralph Northam from removing a 12-ton statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee are asking the Virginia Supreme Court to reconsider the case. Such hearings are rarely granted and the Northam administration rejected the attempt. “It really is a lost cause. Every branch of government has spoken.Richmond Times-Dispatch

• The campaign of the candidate for governor of the GOP, Glenn Youngkin, tried to avoid associations with Donald Trump without alienating the base of the former president. Some say it works, potentially providing a model for future GOP candidates. “So far Glenn Youngkin has danced on a razor’s edge, and it hasn’t been cut.” –Associated press

• A Giles County police officer faces manslaughter charges for using his unmarked patrol car to block the path of a motorcyclist fleeing from police at 103 miles an hour. Prosecutors say the action, which left the motorcyclist with no time to react, amounted to inappropriate use of lethal force.Roanoke Hours

• The state is still working on guidelines to add context to Confederate war memorials.Roanoke Hours

• Wedding vendors say their industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, but state and federal aid rules have barred them from receiving help.Chesterfield Observer

• “The House of Representatives has passed legislation to protect the Grand Marais Dismal. The bill would direct the Home Secretary to consider designating the Grand Marais Dismal and the sites associated with it as a national heritage area.Virginie-Pilot

• Chesapeake-based Dollar Tree has announced it will start selling items that cost more than a dollar as inflation squeezes the company’s business model.Associated press

• Schools in Loudoun County have asked parents to dissuade their children from participating in a TikTok trend that requires students to film themselves “slapping a staff member on the back”.OMCP


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